Seiko SRPH33K1 Review

Today we are going to talk about new Seiko SRPH33K1. This is a quite bright watch from the famous brand. The most important feature is the styling – unusual combination of black and orange, which looks good in person. Moreover, this is not a big timepiece, so it will be attractive for more people. Price tag also looks reasonable, so I decided to give it a try and check everything here. Let’s start with dial, as usual.

I recommend to take a look at the video-review, where we show even more sides of this watch. 🙂

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First of all it is important to note that today’s dial is one out of three dials. Other two are black/blue and green. I thought that such color combination would be a bit more interesting in person, and it was nice to see that it is true. Somehow Japanese manufacturer avoided cheap appearance and this orange color doesn’t look as something added “just for variety”. Note that color is present on indices, digits, hands and even “Automatic” logo on the dial.

Whole styling mimics military watches, so it is easy to read. Dial size is 39.4mm, and it looks about right with all the information. Seconds hand features orange lollipop end, what makes it easier to locate this part. SRPH33K1 comes with day and date indicator, which is luckily supplied in black color. Such design makes whole dial a bit more unified, and it is still easy to find the date. Unfortunately there is no magnifying section over this area.

I am glad to see less writings on the dials of recent Seiko watches, and this one is not an exclusion. Night legibility is fine, but don’t expect some “lume monster” from this model. Orange color is always difficult to “charge” for bright shining. Whole dial is covered with hardlex glass. It is quite durable, but still it would be good to see sapphire part in this price range.

Seiko SRPH33K1 Lume


Seiko SRPH33K1 is notable for its black metal case with brushed finish. It looks good in person, and as I noted before it is not that big. Moreover, thickness is also reasonable – 13.2mm, so whole watch doesn’t bulge from your wrist. I like that whole design looks clean and purposeful, this makes new watch a bit more expensive in overall perception.

Rear cover is stainless steel, just like on any other watch with colored case. This is necessary thing because of allergy reasons. It should be noted that cover features clear insert, so you will be able to check the movement. I also recommend to take a careful look at the crown which is slightly raised over the side, so it is easier to pull out this part. Yes, it is not screwdown crown, but we are checking military watch, not the diving one. 🙂

Movement and Strap

Inside you will find automatic movement – 4R36 with 40hrs power reserve. It is a classic movement for this brand, so many of you would be familiar with it. Such reliable horse will be fine for everyday use.

Today’s watch comes with textile black strap which features orange inner side. It looks interesting and definitely adds visual interest to the whole appearance. Strap width is equal to 20mm, so it will be easy to find the replacement if you need one. I think such watch would look good with bright NATO strap, but who knows, maybe you will find something even more impressive.

In Use

First and the main feature of today’s watch is the size. SRPH33K1 is really comfortable to wear and it is easy to hide under the sleeve. Moreover, size doesn’t affect the legibility, so it is easy to check the time even in dark conditions. As I said before, it is not a legendary diver Seiko, but still it is fine in the dark.

Color combination might look a bit too much at the first sight, but in reality this watch looks fine and won’t be perceived as something cheap. I think it is also thanks to the sleek case, which makes whole composition a bit more “focused” on the dial.

Strap turned out to be comfortable as well. Frankly speaking I expected something more stiff after looking at the official photos, but this accessory is fine and easy to wear. The only thing I wish is the additional NATO strap in the box, but Seiko didn’t include anything.

Seiko SRPH33K1 – Price and Availability

So now we come to the popular question – how much for such watch? Well, it is not that expensive – 300USD looks like a reasonable amount to pay for all these things on your wrist. In my opinion it looks fine among rivals and should definitely find its own buyer. Small size is still something surprising among new big watches, and it can be a strong selling point.

The only thing I would want to change – glass on the dial. I hope Seiko will finally introduce sapphire parts even in this price range. 5 Sports Series might be a first “serious” watch for some of the future buyers, and it would be good to pack even bigger punch for the price. Well, who knows, maybe we will see some surprises next year. 🙂

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