Seiko 5 Sports SRPD77K1 Watch Review

Today we are going to talk about quite unusual diver version from Japanese watchmaker. Seiko 5 Sports SRPD77K1 comes as part of recently revised series of diver watches. Nevertheless, this watch caught my attention with unusual dial which looks different from others. I got a chance to check it closer and now we can talk more about this unusual version.
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Сегодня мы поговорим о довольно необычных дайверских часах от японского бренда. Новинка входит в недавно обновлённую линейку от Сейко. Тем не менее, именно этот вариант привлёк моё внимание своим необычным дизайном. Мне удалось рассмотреть его поближе, о чём мы сегодня и поговорим.

Green Everywhere

First and the main thing in the new watch is the dial. Unlike other watches in revised 5 Sports series, this one features textured green dial which looks interesting in person. I was surprised a bit when saw initial reaction of other fans – everybody was looking at “normal” watches and only few actually checked today’s model. In my opinion it is a true sleeper and there is huge chance it might appreciate later. Nevertheless, dial is special here because of its green texture. I like the color pick – this dark green shade looks great in person.

Для начала стоит отметить самую важную вещь – циферблат. В отличие от других часов из серии, здесь мы получаем деталь с ярко выраженной текстурой, которая интересно выглядит в жизни. Меня немного удивила реакция фанатов, когда их больше заинтересовали классические варианты, а на сегодняшнюю версию обратили внимание единицы. Я считаю, что у новинки есть все шансы стать популярной чуть позже, когда люди будут искать что-то необычное. Мне нравится выбор цвета – подобный оттенок не смотрится дешево и вполне подходит к стилю часов.

Designers managed to avoid cheap look and everything is just right here. All indices are covered with “fauxtina” in cream-white color and it works nicely with green dial. Add here large handset with orange seconds hand and it comes as decent combo to put on your wrist. I am also surprised with day-date indicator which is white here. Somehow it doesn’t break whole style. Bezel features slightly different color shade what adds visual interest to the whole design.


SRPD77K1 comes with black case only. Well, this is more of grayish-black which is finished in matte. Even though I am not a huge fan of black watch cases, I like how it all comes together in this watch.

There is a huge chance that silver case would make a weird composition and break whole idea. Of course, all additional accessories on the strap are also finished in dark color.

Crown is placed at 5′ position and should be easy to operate on both wrists. Note that rear cover is clear so you can check movement, but first you will have to remove the strap. 🙂


Inside you will find classic 4R36 caliber which is featured in many Seiko watches. This is reliable movement with 41 hours power reserve what should be more than enough for everyday use. As you remember, there is only day and date indicator, no other additional features. Interesting thing to note is that water protection clocked at 100m, but it should be safe for diving around 20-30m depth.

Внутри спрятался классический сейковский калибр, который встречается во многих моделях. Запас хода равен 41 часам, чего должно быть достаточно для ежедневной носки. Водонепроницаемость установлена на уровне 100 метров.


Today’s watch features NATO strap out of the box. Of course, it is also in green color and works nicely with dark case. Nevertheless, I can also imagine this watch with dark silicone option – classic offering from Seiko. Such combination would also let you check the rear side with clear insert.

I wish this watch would pack extra NATO strap in contrasting color, but it is not difficult to buy one, right? I see it with black or beige straps, so it should be worth trying various combos.

In Use

Seiko 5 Sports SRPD77K1 is a perfect example of classic diver watch. It is easy to wear, it is not big (just 42.5 mm case size) and textile strap adds to comfort of use. Some owners might appreciate dark case which should stay clean for a bit longer in comparison with classic silver polished version.

New dial finish doesn’t influence legibility and this is still classic Japanese diver with large indices. Let’s say it just got small touch of style from designers. Thanks to traditional lume layer this is quite bright watch and you won’t have a problem in checking the time during night hours.

Сегодняшние часы – отличный пример классических дайверов. Они удобны, небольшие по размеру, а текстильный ремешок только добавляет комфорта. Некоторым владельцам наверняка понравится тёмный корпус, который будет более устойчивым против царапин.

Seiko 5 Sports SRPD77K1 – Price

New watch should be already available for approximately 400 USD in all good watch shops. As you remember, we have link for Helveti webshop in the beginning of this article.

Честно говоря, мне нравится подобный эксперимент с дизайном. Всё оказалось прямо к месту и в итоге получился отличный аксессуар. Да, часы подойдут и для дайвинга на небольшие глубины. Другими словами это вполне универсальный солдат, который будет сохранять аккуратный вид долгое время. На рынке не так много альтернатив, поэтому точно стоит обратить внимание на данную линейку часов.

Frankly speaking, I like such experiment with design and it looks right in place here. I would call it more of men’s accessory than diving tool. Yes, you can use it for snorkeling, but I would recommend to check more expensive Seiko divers for some serious action. Today’s “Green Sport” is more for for desk-diving and I don’t think it will be a first choice for professionals. Nevertheless, new 5 Sports series comes as universal watch which looks good and features reliable movement inside.

There are few alternatives on the market which can actually rival today’s watch in terms of price-quality. Let’s not forget what happened with previous SKX007 for example. Today’s watch has all the chances to repeat this story.

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