Trilobite 1960 Go-Up Jeans Review

Today we are going to take a look at something different – Trilobite 1960 Go-Up Jeans. Backstory here is quite simple – I started riding recently and wanted to find “motojeans” with simple design. Czech brand has quite a wide choice of various models, but I decided to go with 1960 because of their smart look and comfortable cut. Product was ordered and tested for several months, so now I have something to tell you about these jeans.
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You get jeans in a special cardboard box with some hay inside. There are also some brochures which will explain you how to register (!) your jeans for extra warranty. I like the packaging styling here, it adds to the overall premium feel of the product. Nevertheless, we are here for the jeans, right? Let’s check their design.

Official description states that today’s jeans should come handy for “classic, gentlemen riding”. Jokes aside, design looks calm and doesn’t scream that this is a special bike model. Moreover, it might be a great choice for everyday use. They are not too wide, but still are big enough to be put over motoboots or some high army boots if you prefer such type. Color choice is not too wide, there is only one option – classic blue, but it is fine by me.

Note that front pockets have angular cut which is a bit easier to reach even in the gloves. Right pocket has another square one inside. From both sides you will find metal accessories with Trilobite logo. Of course, there are also rear pockets and dual loop for the belt.

In Use

Manufacturer states that 1960 jeans are handmade in Czech Republic. Well, the whole look of the product only supports this statement, and I didn’t find anything to complain about. All the stitching looks great, there are no problems with material and even button/zipper combo is easy to handle in gloves. I am still not sure about “secret” pocket as there is nothing I would put into this area. Maybe money would go there, but you still have the driver license and other documents to hide somewhere. I would rather replace this with ventilation openings from both sides.

Here we come to riding experience, and I have to say that 1960 jeans are quite comfortable. I ride naked bike with more of a straight-sitting position, so I didn’t feel any discomfort during my riding sessions. Trilobite used Dyneema denim, which is “breathing” during riding, and it adds to ease of use. You just don’t feel like coming out of sauna after wearing those jeans. It is also nice that you can cover your boots with too much of tension. My height and my legs length make it not that easy experience to find the suitable jeans, but this product sat without any extra problems.

Here I should add a separate word about safety features. Keep in mind that there are completely no pockets for any protectors. This is also the reason why these jeans look so nice as there is nothing bulging out on your hips. The only solution is to use slip-on protectors, but in my opinion it will defy the whole purpose of today’s product.

Trilobite 1960 Go-Up – Price and Availabilty

Today’s jeans should be available on official manufacturer website for 200 EUR. In my opinion it is a reasonable price for a nice accessory which has classic looks and can be worn everyday. Some “simple” jeans retail for the same price and don’t offer anything extra. 1960 Go-Up can be a smart choice for those who ride to the office or just need something a bit more sensible to go around the city.

It is important to remember that you won’t get any extra protection here, but it might be completely fine for some riders. There is still a “proper” material used, so you have necessary durability out of the box. I wish there would be some additional things like pockets for protectors, but for these features you will have to choose more advanced models from Trilobite. I still use these jeans in the city and they feel like sensible choice for daily riding in the city.

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