Held Kakuda Motorcycle Gloves Review

Here is another review which will be dedicated to handy motorcycle accessory. Today we are going to talk about Held Kakuda – leather summer gloves. Somehow I used the cheap textile gloves before, but after reading of all the horrible stuff and absence of protection it was decided to find something decent. Surprisingly, not all gloves fit my hands, so after long search I found Kakuda gloves from the famous German brand. I was attracted not only by the nice fitment, but also by quite bold design, which we will discuss as well. I guess there is no need to talk about packaging here as it is very simple, and frankly speaking I would prefer something a bit more sophisticated. You can see it in the video-review below.
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First of all I have to put disclaimer here – no, I wanted full black version, but somehow ended up with red one as it was the only one available immediately for my size. Nevertheless, there are several color versions available, and of course full black looks the best in my opinion. Here it is worth mentioning that all these red elements have grown on me and now I am completely fine with having this color in my setup. Held Kakuda also offers two length types, and I decided to go with the long-cuff one.


Gloves might look simple at the first sight, but they are quite packed with features. First of all, they are made out of goat leather, which is softer and thinner than typical leather we get in gloves. In my opinion this adds a lot to the comfort of use. Next feature can be seen on the photo above – huge air scoop which also serves as knuckles protection. I show the rear “exhausts” on the photo, as they are not as easy to see as the main openings. Such design let’s air to flow through and makes overall experience a bit more pleasant.

Ventilation is also improved with help of perforated leather. Each hole is rather large, what should be more useful in everyday use. Of course, protection is also important. Held Kakuda brings palm sliders as well as rubber side panels. Both are quite flexible and don’t limit the movement of your hand. Each of the middle three fingers will also get a plastic protector on the top.

Fingers and top area feature stretching sections which reduce the pressure on your palms. Another useful thing – special sections on the fingers which allow you to press the buttons on the touchscreen. Of course, you won’t be able to write a long message, but it should be enough to take the photo or answer the call.

In Use

Here it is worth mentioning that I bought gloves with the size 8. Such version perfectly fits my fingers and palm. There is maybe a bit of empty space in the pinkie finger, but this is not that important. Moreover, be sure to try “half-sizes” as leather tends to stretch a bit, so I would recommend to get tighter ones. So, the most important thing is right, fitment doesn’t bother me even after long rides, so it is worth searching for the best size.

Oh, I forgot that I have red on my helmet 😀

Ventilation here might look like the main selling point, but don’t expect something completely crazy. No, the scoops work and Held Kakuda doesn’t feel like hand oven, but this is pretty much all. Even on the higher speed you feel light breeze which is enough to keep your hands fresh.

Overall sewing quality is very good and I didn’t find any major issues with material or accessories. Even in the hottest weather gloves felt good and were easy to wear. I have to admit that thin leather makes them pleasure to wear and you feel the throttle just like there are no gloves. Touch sections on the fingers is a really handy feature, and now I don’t take off my gloves just to take a quick photo or pay for the petrol.

It is also worth mentioning several things that I would rather improve. For example, note that two “last” fingers are not connected, even though such feature might be really useful in some situations. Next, be sure to use the leather wax or creme before going out for the first ride. This will make leather even more flexible and make it a bit more shiny and dark. I wouldn’t mind some reflective elements on the fingers as such thing would come handy during night rides.

Held Kakuda – Price and Availability

Today’s gloves should be already available for purchase on official website. Price is fixed at 100 EUR for any color version. In my opinion German manufacturer managed to combine value with useful features. Huge scoop might look ridiculous at the first sight, but it works and might be handy during hot day rides. This is truly premium product and I had to think hard in order to find some things which could be improved.

Of course, this is not something you would use for your track rides. In my opinion this is a great choice for those who ride in the city and occasional rides outside on the curvy roads. This is not a pure style accessory unlike some other options on the market, Kakuda offers real protection. If you are looking for ventilated gloves, then definitely give them a try. 🙂

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