Junkers Dessau Damen Review

Today’s article will tell you more about Junkers Dessau Damen German watchmaker decided to produce small elegant timepiece with simple design. Moreover, features list looks quite attractive, especially after you take a look at the price tag. All in all it sounds great, so I decided to take a closer look in the video and our traditional article. Let’s start with video first as you will see this watch in action there.

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Brand name might remind some of you about German aircraft with quite unusual designs which still look impressive. It doesn’t have influence on legibility, what is also good in everyday use. Note that dial grading is done in minutes, not in hours, and this is another subtle nod to aviation heritage. Maybe indices would be even better, but current design looks good in person. Manufacturer logo is applied, what adds another level to the whole composition.

Note that handset consists out of two parts – hours and minutes hands. This feature adds to overall clean-looking style, but sometimes it is a bit confusing not to see anything moving on the dial. I guess it is matter of getting used to such watch. Date window can be found at 6″ position. It is finished in white color, and doesn’t break whole look. I am also glad to see that all the writings are reduced to possible minimum, so you won’t be distracted by specs list on your dial.

Whole dial is covered with sapphire glass. For this price it looks like a nice bonus to have out of the box. Moreover, it will help you keep whole watch intact and avoid unnecessary scratches. Dial size is 34mm, so watch is not that big.

Case and Movement

We already noted the size of this watch, but it also has direct influence on the weight. Junkers Dessau Damen weighs just 29g, and I am sure that you won’t feel it on your wrist. Steel case comes in sleek design with slightly bent lugs for ease of use. Thickness is just 6.7mm, so it is not a thick watch. Rear cover is metal with logo engraving. Note that the price for such small size and weight is the water protection. It is clocked at 30 meters, so this is definitely not a watch for diving.

Crown is not that big, but the size is fine for easy operation. Moreover, you won’t have to touch it quite often unless you travel a lot. Inside you will get Ronda 704, it is a Swiss quartz caliber, which can be found in many other watches. Whole movement is reliable and should be fine for everyday use. I guess there is no need to say that automatic movement with such crazy thickness will be way more expensive.


Today’s watch comes with thin gray leather strap. Lugs width is 16mm, standard size for ladies watches. Overall quality of this accessory is quite nice and it looks good with the dial. The only thing to consider – excessive length which might require some trimming for thin wrists.

I would recommend to check some aftermarket straps in this size. Elegant grey dial should look great with some bright colors, so it should be worth experimenting and trying a bit. 🙂

In Use

We are talking about ladies watch here, so whole text here is based on the feedback from my sister who tested Junkers for several days. First of all she noted the size, which doesn’t look or feel big, but yet is easy to read and there is no issue with legibility. Another interesting thing is the hands on the dial, as both parts are in black color, what contributes to legibility.

Strap was remarked as good quality, but length surprised a bit as it is not clear on what to do with thin wrists. Nevertheless, whole combination feels like a small wriststrap thanks to the light weight. Sister was fine wearing it whole day and said that timepiece is hardly noticeable after few minutes on the wrist. Moreover, she highlighted small thickness as it is handy for long sleeves and watch doesn’t get entangled inside. I think overall smooth silhouette is also a contributing factor to this.

Junkers Dessau Damen Price and Availability

New watch is already available and you can get it for 250EUR. As I wrote in the beginning, it is quite attractive price tag for a simple, light watch with high quality and good components. Moreover, such styling won’t get old and should look great in every situation. Somehow Junkers has managed to put there just enough of interesting cues to make whole watch interesting, but not overloaded with various things.

It is also good to see the pairing men’s watch as you can get a nice combo for yourself and your second half. Small size might be attractive for some men with thin wrists, and there is nothing wrong as the overall style is quite neutral. I definitely recommend to check out this watch in person, as there is a big chance you will like it. 😉

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