Zelos Comet 39mm – Surprisingly Small

Today we are going to talk about the new Zelos Comet 39mm. Name hints on the main feature – relatively small size which should be easy to wear. Moreover, there is slightly different design and haven’t reviewed any timepieces from this brand, so it will be interesting to check what the newcomer has to offer. Note that watch was just announced and still displayed as pre-order on the official website. Nevertheless, there are some things which are worth discussing here. Let’s start with the most important. 🙂

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Surprising size

Yes, of course, the main thing that makes this watch different all previous Zelos releases is the size. 39mm doesn’t sound as too big timepiece to wear and such dimensions might actually attract new people. I am used to see massive timepiece from this brand, but new model is different. Lug to lug size is 43mm, and such watch should be a great thing to wear the whole day. Moreover, thickness is also reasonable thanks to the thin movement – case measures just 8.7mm without crystal.

The Name

The main idea for this release is the famous aircraft named Comet. Designers decided to replicate the simplicity together with some styling cues which were used in watches at that time. Sectored dial looks good, and still instantly recognizable as Zelos watch. Note that date window changes its color with the main dial color. It is a nice small touch, but I am glad to see such attention to the tiny features. All digits are raised, what creates nice multi-level composition together with sector dial.

Zelos Comet 39mm – Price and Availability

New release should be already available for order in several editions. The most surprising one is the light dial with NASA logo on it. Only 100 pieces will be made, so it is better to hurry if you want to get one. In my opinion all versions look good, and even the limited editions are not that expensive in comparison with “simple ones”. Zelos tried some new materials for the dial, so I am sure you will find something suitable for yourself. The only important thing to mention is the hand-wound movement Selita SW-215. This caliber can be found in some other brands as well, but be ready to wound your watch every second day. Other than that I don’t see anything what should stop you from getting Zelos Comet 39mm at its 529USD price tag. Just be sure to get on the official website on time. 😉

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