Luminox Bear Grylls Chronograph 3745 Review

This article is dedicated to Luminox Bear Grylls Chronograph 3745. I guess you can’t make even more adventurous name than this one. Watch comes as special edition created together with the famous master of survival in harshest conditions. Main idea is that such timepiece will come handy out in wild, and should live through various beatings. Moreover, it is not just another tough design, there are some interesting materials and design queues. All this sounds great, so I decided to take a closer look in our traditional reviews.
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There are three dial color versions available – blue, olive and yellow. Well, it is not difficult to guess which one we are going to talk about here. 🙂 In my opinion all three look great, so it is matter of personal taste on which one you will pick. Moreover, consider the combination of dial and strap as both play big role in overall perception of this watch. Of course, it is better to check all three in person as colors are quite bright. By the way, size of this dial is 45mm, so it is not too big.

Amount of interesting things on the dial is the thing you can go on and on about, but I will try to focus on the main ones. Dial is not plain, it features some texture, what adds visual interest to the whole combination. All writings and indices are slightly raised, creating great landscape of various details in one place. It might look a bit busy at the first sight, but in reality whole dial is easily legible.

Subdials and date window are black, so it is easy to catch them on the first sight. Outer ring features small motto inscribed as well as SOS in morse code. It is a good touch which adds to overall adventurous feel of new Luminox watch. Note also that whole dial is covered with sapphire glass.

One of the main features here is so-called Luminox Light Technology. It includes small tritium tubes which should shine bright for 25 years. Tubes are present on the dial, hands and crown part. I have to say that whole combination looks rather impressive in person, so it is definitely a seller feature for this watch. There are few watches that can rival this and I think such tech will come handy out in wilds.


Luminox Bear Grylls Chronograph 3745 is made out of so-called Carbonox material. It should be thanked for relatively small weight of the whole watch. Today’s model clocks at 104g, and such thing doesn’t make it feel heavy on the wrist. Moreover, this material is quite durable and has distinct shade. Nice to see watchmaker actually trying something unusual, yet useful in their new watch.

This is a chronograph, so you can expect two buttons and crown in the middle. Nevertheless, even here Luminox Bear Grylls Chronograph 3745 has something special to offer. Screw-in crown is wrapped into orange rubber, which is soft and makes it easier to operate this part. Pushers are made out stainless steel and feature nice engraving with function naming.

Water protection is clocked at 300m, so you can even do some amateur diving with this watch. Uni-directional crown hints on the same use. Strap is also ready for such adventure, so let’s talk about it in a bit more detail.


Today’s version is packed with rubber strap. This is a high-quality accessory, flexible and comfortable to wear. Luminox also offers combo with textile NATO straps, but you can also try something your own with aftermarket accessories. Buckle is a large metal part with Luminox logo. Lug width is 24 mm, so it will be easy to find a replacement.

Well, it is also hard to miss the main “accessory on accessory” – small compass attachment which might come hand for navigation. Yes, there is also a method to find a north with watch dial, but separate compass looks like a great thing to have on hiking trip.


As you can guess, this watch is based on quartz movement. Manufacturer claims it is a Swiss caliber with chronograph functions. Well, choice is quite understandable as durable watches rarely rely on mechanic movements. Note that you won’t be able to look inside the watch as the rear cover is steel with engraving on it.

In Use

I spent several days with this watch and have to note that it doesn’t feel as big as it looks. This is the main discovery of today’s Chronograph 3745. All those new materials and smart design make whole design work and not feel like huge brick on your wrist. This is definitely not something you will wear with the suit (not me at least), but it might be a good choice for everyday use.

Dial legibility is excellent in the daylight, and it is always a pleasure to see thritium bars light up in the dark time. It looks impressive and there are few watches on the market which can offer the same technology. Buttons and crown are easy to operate, so there are no problems even in tactical gloves.

Luminox Bear Grylls Chronograph 3745 – Price and Availability

New chronograph should be already available for purchase. Price is set at 900 USD, what might look steep at the first sight. Nevertheless, I recommend to take a careful look at the list of all the features you will get here. Moreover, quality is top-notch, I didn’t find any issue that could be a disadvantage. Yes, this is not a mechanical watch, but you don’t take such models into rough trips.

All specs combined, watch looks like a great offer for those who search for a durable timepiece. This edition is not limited, so you still get a chance to get one for your collection. Nevertheless, I would recommend to hurry, as today it is difficult to guess when another thing will be in deficit. It is also a good idea to try some alternative straps so that dial-strap combo would look different from the stock offer. 🙂

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