Damasko Arne Strap Combines Unusual Things

Today we are going to talk about new product – Damasko Arne straps line. Yes, we are going to talk about accessory, not an actual watch. Nevertheless, I think that this time newcomer deserves our attention. First of all it combines two materials and second thing is that manufacturer asks reasonable price. Let’s take a closer look.
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Unusual Union

First of all this is leather strap. Take a look at photo and you will see that we would get quite decent design, which will be suitable for various watches. Nevertheless, we all know one great minus of leather straps – they get dirty because of sweat. Damasko Arne actually solves this problem by adding another layer – rubber padding under leather. In other words, you will add complex sandwich to your watch and it should make it more comfortable to wear timepiece on wrist.

Such design should make it easier to keep strap intact for longer period. Moreover, it will be easier to clean rubber section in case something bad will happen. Note also its design – those small squares would actually help it bend around your wrist and be more flexible. Sounds like great idea, right?

Strict Style

While structure design might sound unusual, color-wise Damasko Arne is not that diverse. I would say it is good thing, because as result we get green, grey and black shades in two sizes. Such color choice is more universal and should suit any watch. Note that there is also choice of color for accessories – black or silver. Surprisingly both look quite good. It is possible to configure your choice right on the official Damasko website.

Damasko Arne – Price?

No, I am not saying that we are having with something absolutely special, never seen before. We all know that such type was used on some diver watches and other models. Nevertheless, it still cool to see such calm design available for purchase. Price is set at 75 EUR, what sounds reasonable for such product.

What do you think?

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