Werenbach Adds New Dials

Werenbach brand doesn’t need introduction for watchfans. Well, I just received email about new dials on their website. Now we get a chance to order dials from Soyuz MS-09. Those are displayed right in configurator and we decided to take a closer look.
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June Launch

Here it is important to write a bit about Soyuz MS-09. Launch happened 6th of June in 2018. Team included German member – Alexander Gerst, so it is a bit more important for Werenbach. 🙂 We all know that launch was successful and whole team is still orbiting around Earth. In total they will spend 187 days in space and then return back to Earth. This team also was recently involved in the case with drilled hole in one of station sections. I have to note that this was 136th launch of the Soyuz carrier into space.

Even Brighter

While previous dials were more “calm” in tones, new collection is brighter and significantly changes appearance. Moreover, you can use those for all watch models from Werenbach. I took only several shots of what is available now, but even those look impressive. I won’t describe them here and recommend to check them by yourself. Nevertheless, it is still possible to customize your future watch in order to get completely unique piece.

Space Tech

Yes, this is not a new model, but it is cool to see that part of recent rocket launch literally can be on your wrist. I hope that during next year we would see new model or maybe fresh modification of the existing version. It is good to see that Werenbach grows and offering us more and more unusual combination for order. Don’t forget that those are one-of-a-kind, so you won’t be able to get the dial if it is already sold. 😉

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