Damasko DS30 Ocean – Less is More?

Today’s watch got my attention because of several reasons. You can guess from the article’s name that we will talk about new Damasko DS30 Ocean. This timepiece comes from well-known German brand. Opposite to recent trend, DS30 is small and light, so let’s check if it is enough to attract interest.
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Small but Big

Main idea behind this new watch was to put the same level of quality into smaller package. While other brands are rushing into bigger sizes, Damasko decided to keep everything in reasonable dimensions. Case size of the new model equals to 39 mm with 9.9 mm thickness. Quite a small timepiece for everyday use. Of course, weight is also in two-digits territory – just 57 g without strap.

Add matte finish to all these features and you will get nice combo for universal watch. Note that official website lets to combine watch only with textile/leather straps. No metal, what is quite strange because such timepiece would look good with bracelet too. Well, I guess it will have to be bought separately.


There is ETA-2824-2 calibre inside. This is quite popular type and can be found in various watches. Keep in mind that rear cover is metal here, so you won’t be able to see the movement. Another important thing is that power reserve equals to 38 hours. Damasko DS30 Ocean has date indication, so be ready to rotate that crown every time watch stops. 🙂

Damasko DS30 Ocean – Price?

Even the small power reserve doesn’t make new watch less interesting. Maybe it would be better to have manual winding, but I would say it is matter of taste. As for price, you should be ready to shell out something around 1000 EUR. In my opinion it is fine price for unusual small format watch from Germany.

P.S.: Watch configurator on Damasko website has funny bug that once you click “Configure”, it is not possible to return back. 🙂

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