MB&F Certified Pre-Owned Brings Legends Back

First of all let me apologize for not writing for such a long time. Summer turned out not as free and calm as I expected it to be. Today I would like to cover first important thing – MB&F Certified Pre-Owned program. Well, my guess is that there is no need to explain what is hidden behind this name. Nevertheless, there are few things worth mentioning and we will disvuss them in this article.
By the way, here you can read review with one of the latest MB&F creations.
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Refurbished Legend

Yes, I wrote what you can see above. I avoided using “resurrected” because I doubt that somebody will be destroying such beautiful timepieces. It is logical that those guys would also want new masterpiece on their wrist, and therefore current watch will be sold. Swiss manufacturer thought about this and decided to launch special program. It was even given separate tab on official website. Of course, you can buy them right there just by clicking necessary button. Logical question here is what program offers and why it is interesting for us?

Full Service

First of all watches from this program are returned back into fresh state. That means that whole case is replaced with new part, and the same applies to other elements. Operations are performed in MB&F workshop by their masters. In my opinion that can be considered as another good sign – each part will be thoroughly checked, and you will get completely original and fully-serviced watch. Maybe that is also why manufacturer guarantees that piece is legit and probides 2-year unconditional warranty. MB&F Certified Pre-Owned also features free delivery around the world, but I wonder who will refuse chance to visit factory and pick up watch in person.

MB&F Certified Pre-Owned – Why?

All those facts above sound cool, right? Nevertheless, some might wonder why Swiss masters decided to go with creating such program? MB&F claims that we should consider MB&F Certified Pre-Owned as a sign of confidence. What I see here is another opportunity for watch collectors. All those Time Machines are quite sought after, and now we have a chance to get renovated watch with warranty. I hope that this approach will be picked up by other companies too. The only thing that makes me wonder – what will happen with resellers if luxury manufacturers will join this trend?

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