Breitling Avenger – Redesigned for Adventure

We’ve seen those watches before, but now they got updated in order to look even more impressive. Breitling Avenger series is famous for its masculine appearance and there were not that many things to change. Swiss brand names Avenger as the perfect companion for “aerial adventures”. Well, let’s see what has changed.
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Original Avenger series appeared in 2001, what might sound not that long ago. Nevertheless, it is 18 years from now, so Breitling decided to refresh it. There will be also so-called Breitling Aviation Pioneers Squad with three famous people in it. Scott Kelly is one of them. Famous spaceman is known for his long mission on International Space Station. There are also two other members and whole idea is to hint on variety in Avenger lineup.

You know this guy, right?

Updated series will include several sizes – from 43 up to 48 mm. Functions also vary, and you can choose between classic chrono, three-hand and GMT-version. Basically all typical features are covered here. Of course, Breitling offers various dial colors and strap types. Take a look at the photos in order to see how all this stuff works together.

Night Warrior

I would like to tell you more about unusual feature in the new lineup. Almost every watch type from Avenger series can be purchased in so-called “Night Mission” version. Such watch will be finished in dark color (surprise!!!) with DLC-coated case. Add here black dial and quite muscular case design and you will have an ineresting combo. Avenger watches benefit from such design and I would think twice before choosing between “normal” and “night” version.

Bold and Ready

New watch should be available immediately. It is good to see that Breitling decided not to do significant changes and only slightly improve previous styling. Even though all photos and stories suggest that this watch should be in air, it will look good on earth too. Now wait a bit and we will publish full review with this watch. 😉

Wait, drones? :/

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