Mirco Type 02 – Bold Statement

I wrote it before, but it is worth repeating – microbrands today are quite aggressive in their marketing and you get bombarded by ads everyday. Nevertheless, today we are going to talk about something different. I will say it straight – I somehow missed this watch on Baselworld 2019, but now we are going to fix my mistake. Let me introduce Mirco Type 02 which is designed and produced in Japan. Sounds interesting, right? Well, what about checking special features in this watch.
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Big Piece

I searched all over Mirco website but didn’t find important measurement – weight of this watch. It matters here because Type 02 has impressive metal case which is massive. Size brings weight and you can guess that this watch is not a featherweight thing which you get used to after several minutes. No, here designers decided to go in opposite direction and put a slab of metal on your wrist.

No unnecessary things, only essentials here.

I was surprised that it doesn’t look cheap or weird. No, instead we get unusual mix of Japanese approach to design together with various finish of case surfaces. Yes, it looks great, but you will have to be careful with all those polished sides. What about full matte-polished version? It would be great too in my opinion. Note that color stays the same – just pure silver, no matter which dial or strap you will choose.


Even though Mirco Type 02 might look a bit squarish, we still get round watchface with two subdials on it. It looks in place here and doesn’t irritate your eye. There are several color combinations offered, I would call them classic because we’ve seen such combos before on classic watches. Let’s not forget that this is a chronometer hence two subdials on this watch.

Big watch in…big box!

Frankly speaking I am surprised that crown here is more or less classic and still fits in nicely. Maybe next release or revision of this model will bring slightly different part?

I love this combination of edges on the case.

Why this watch?

Type 02 has distinct look and feel of classic “oldschool” watch without resorting to being “homage”. Whether it is good or bad – matter of taste, but I would say it is nice to see somebody going out of usual borders and introducing such mix of design queues that don’t look trivial. The only thing that remains to be tested – whether this watch is fine in everyday use. Huge case size and weight will have its consequences for sure, so it is interesting for me to see Type 02 in person.

No clear cover, sorry…

It is important to note that while old watches had such big cases due to water proofing, here situation is completely different. This watch will survive only 100 meters, so this is definitely not a pro-diver’s choice. Rear cover is not clear, so you won’t be able to appreciate the beauty of the caliber inside. Strap choice is limited to leather only. I would be happy to see massive metal bracelet because such combination will bring even more impressive look.

Mirco Type 02 Wrist Shot - Thickness
Thick, huh? 🙂

Mirco Type 02 – Pricing

Well, let’s wait a bit and who knows, maybe soon I will be able to tell you more about Mirco watches. As for now, you can get this timepiece on official e-shop for something around 2000 USD. Sounds hefty, right? Well, such decisions don’t come easy. 😉

Big watches have their own fans, but this one stands out of the crowd with its special design. Let’s not forget that this is the first creation from Japanese masters. Who knows what next model will feature…

Big watch requires big buckle.

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