Breitling Avenger 2019 Collection Premiere

Today’s article will be about recent event in Prague where visitors could take a look at new Breitling Avenger 2019 collection. Whole lineup was revised in order to look even more masculine. I wouldn’t say that it was a bit feminine before, but new design features bold design cues which your mind instantly connects with Breitling. Let’s take a closer look at what was displayed on the event.
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Check all watches in one video!


In my opinion the most noticeable change is the usage of polished edges on all models. It looks great while combined with matte polished case surface and “plays” on the bright light. The only thing I would care about is to preserve those shiny sides intact. Scratches and stuff, you know. Well, those polished indices on bezel look suitable on new watches, no matter which model you will choose. It is worth noting that Avenger line comes in various sizes – from 43 mm up to impressive 48 mm model.

Nevertheless, all those polished sides turned matte if you decide to go on night mission. I am kidding, but dark versions come with “Night Mission” name for real. You can see several of those on the photos. All silver surfaces get replaced with DLC-coated titanium, and such combo looks great in person.

I am not such a great fan of all-black watches, but here Breitling hit the jackpot in my opinion. Each Avenger model looks good in black, so I would recommend to check dark version before deciding on which to buy. Make sure to remember whole name of the watch you choose because black watches get two words longer name. 😉

Night Mission with 3000m water protection.

What’s Inside

Most of Breitling Avenger watches feature Breitling Caliber 13 chronograph movement inside. There are also several other versions available – be it GMT (Breitling Caliber 32) or “clean dial” version (Breitling Caliber 17). All three are quite reliable and should be fine for everyday use.

45mm models on display.

Don’t forget that Seawolf 45 has impressive waterproof up to 3000 meters. I wonder if somebody would be brave enough to test those numbers in real life. 🙂

Mosquito is Here!

While this article covers new Avenger watches, there was another interesting release. Breitling Aviator 8 Mosquito is the watch we wrote about before, but here it was possible to see it in person. I have to say that photos don’t show how neat-looking is this watch. All-dark color scheme helps to make it easier to check the time and find subdials. Unlike Avenger watchers, here we get “dark horse” which doesn’t jump out with its size or look.

Just look at this dial!

Such feature will be the main selling point for some buyers because it is a great-looking watch without any “screaming” elements in design. Note that dark bezel sits on classic silver case, what gives nice contrast between those parts. As for ADLC coating, I can say that it looks a bit “deeper” in person, especially when you compare it with DLC-coated watch.

Breitling Aviator 8 Mosquito Side Photo
Here you can see contrast between silver and black.

Breitling Avenger 2019 – Upgrade We Waited For?

In my opinion new Avenger lineup consolidated the main features of this watch series. Swiss watchmaker presented big masculine watches which should be a nice universal choice for those who love such timepieces. In my opinion it is worth checking Night Mission watches because those look so damn good that I would expect good demand for those watches. From another side, silver versions look as embodiment of Breitling style philosophy, no matter which size you will choose.

It is good to see that designers have decided on the main features which make Avenger series. Now who is brave enough to wear 48 mm version, huh? 😉

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