Ferrari 812 Superfast


Either I am getting too old and grumpy or Ferrari became too lazy. Take a look at the title – would you guess by number 812 or word “Superfast” what we are talking about? Well, this is new model from famous Italian carmaker, which will replace F12.
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New model should be presented in Geneva. I was actually surprised how quietly photos were distributed among press. No extra noise or sensational presentation, just press-release with stock photos and info that this car will be available in Geneva. You can be more than 100% sure that we will check this new red beauty with photos and video.

As for now we know the name and we know what new car would look like. As you can see, design gets more and more edgy with sharp rear end existing together with front curves. Moreover, it’s another model with traditional four taillights, which now look even more pronounced. I am not sure what number 812 relates to, because under the bonnet there are 789hp. 812 is naturally aspirated, and I think it will be one of the last engines without turbo on Ferrari. Nevertheless, extra air makes car “Superfast” (ha-ha!) and it can make 100km/h in 2.9sec. While those numbers are impressive, it’s still more than Tesla, so you can expect videos with drag-racing between two, and guess who will win.

While electric car might be quick and fast, it will never match Italian interior design. Just look at this photo and try to disagree with me that Italian manufacturer stepped up their detailing game. All this attention to small details in the car amazes me. Of course, there will be a lot of different systems and options inside, but do you really care about those when you think about Ferrari? I will also leave weight and boot volume numbers to those who try to make their article longer. 😉

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