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Audi RS3 Sportback

400hp RS3 Sportback shows true meaning of power

This article should have been named as “Ultrahatch strikesback”. We can agree that almost 400 hp doesn’t qualify for simple “hot hatch” tag, it’s something way more serious that can launch you into 100km/h speed in matter of few seconds. New Audi just supports this famous wording about thinking how could you do something without understanding why you would do that. I guess we all need more power on the road…
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Jokes aside, new RS3 is actually facelifted previous generation with some external and internal tweaks. Yes, it packs 395 hp, and I have no doubt that tuners will take out even more for reasonable amount. The only thing I want to see – face of GT86 owner, when he will be undertaken by 5-door hatch. Well, “overtaken” is a quite soft word for what would happen in a race between those two. I can even think about M2, which won’t look that cool after you compare specs with Audi.

Now let’s turn to something what will be booed by all “professional motorheads” – 7speed automatic transmission. There will be no manual option, only this one. Moreover, all power goes through four wheels, so in Quattro we trust. I guess, all standard features like launch-control and other thingies should be present, so that you can launch even faster. Add to this steering wheel with alcantara and trimmed lower part, and you are ready to go. (even though I personally would prefer normal round shape). Ah, this model will also feature digital dashboard, and I hope RS-division used all possible functions of this item.

New RS3 laughs at the whole meaning of the hot hatch, and don’t be surprised when you will see some new 5-door model with 500hp inside and 3sec acceleration time. Who knows, maybe Audi will also issue “Plus”-version as it happened with RS6. As for now, we can enjoy this version, which will be displayed on Geneva Autoshow. The only thing I want to know – how hard it smashes your head into seat, when you floor the pedal. 🙂

Article prepared and written by Mikhail Kuznetsov

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