Mini Taste Drive

Here is the first report from event which took place during last weekend.

As you can see, organizers decided to connect Mini not only with fun and drive, but also with some taste 🙂

Overall, whole event turned to be a nice cooking lesson, where you could try out latest gen Mini Cooper.

Regarding car I can say that it left mixed feelings. From one side it was nice to drive and quite fast for its size, but from the other I had car with automatic gearbox and plenty of useless options which I would not buy. Moreover, ergonomics was also not so good, especially with armrest between seats and multimedia control. At least with mine seating position (low, with slightly angled hands) armrest was always a barrier, not a helpful support. I can imagine how it would feel like with manual transmission. Nevertheless, check all the photos below, and leave your opinion, I would be happy to talk about Mini 🙂

What do you think?

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