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New Zenith Defy Inventor might look familiar to some of you. Don’t get confused too much, here we get promised innovative movement, which was available in Defy Lab. I hope you remember that model which was presented several years ago. Well, now we have a chance to get the same movement, but with few things to keep in mind. I played a bit with new model and ready to tell you more in this article.
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Zenith Oscillator

Above you can read the name of the main feature in this watch. Silicone oscillating element amazes even today. I recommend to watch video above in order to understand what I am talking about. As watchmaker states, for normal oscillating segment you need 30 parts, and here they are replaced with one. Yes, one, which moves with crazy frequency. All this was achieved with help of recent achievements in science, and there is no analogue on the market. So, here we get pretty much the same thing as in Defy Lab. Now let me tell you what will be different.

The Same but Different

First of all I would like to talk about aeronith. This unusual aluminium composite was used for whole case of the previous watch, but Zenith Defy Inventor has only bezel made out of aeronith. Whole case made out of titanium, and I can guess that full aeronith case will stay as main feature for previously released watch.

Next is color – new model will come only in deep blue. Yes, it looks good in person, but I still can’t understand why it was decided to use only one color for this model. Ok, I do get it that extra colors might shake position of Defy Lab, but come on, would you really believe this? Original watch sold out immediately and I doubt that any of its owners really cares about fresh releases. Who knows, maybe new colors will be used for upcoming limited editions… In other words, for now you have to be fan of blue. 😉

On Wrist

Feelings-wise there is no huge difference with previous Defy. I don’t think that future owners will be able to tell the difference, and let’s face it – not many people actually tried Defy Lab on their wrist. Zenith Defy Inventor will be supplied with alligator strap on titanium folding clasp. Of course, it is also finished in blue.

Zenith Defy Inventor – Availability

As far as I understood, even this model won’t be widely available due to its movement complexity. There will be yearly quotas, so if you would like to get one – make sure to reserve a place in order queue. Other than that I am happy to see that advanced movement finally found way onto the market. Soon more people will have such unusual calibre on their wrists.

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