What to wear in Summer 2018

Ok, summer is coming, and it is worth checking what interesting models we can buy now. In this article we would talk about “accessible” segment of market, where you won’t have to shell out your salary in order to have pair of shoes. Moreover, reasonable price might help you get several different models instead of just one.
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Sleek and Nice

Adidas EQT Cushion – well-known series, which became almost traditional for German manufacturer. Overall style is somewhat strict and should look good in different situations. Of course, you can also choose out of several colors, so I am sure that you will find something up to your taste. This model also features comfortable sole, which is another advantage for everyday wearing.

New Balance 574 Classic – this one doesn’t need extra introduction as well. Classic sporty design and narrow shape always look good, right? Moreover, such design should come handy for driving, especially manual gearbox. 😀 Again, we have different colors and versions here. I don’t recommend to go up in line and buy some special editions. Just get basic 574 – it will be a statement on its own. If you still want to spend more – check Sport version, which has slightly raised profile. Yeah, manufacturer also states that model was finally updated, but do you really care?

Reebok Classic Leather Ripple SN – in case you would like to go with something more recognizable, check this model. Same classic sports design, but here you get suede and only two strict colors. Note also soil design, which might come handy for driving. Be careful with nylon parts, those might be tricky to clean, especially when combined with suede. As for the price tag, be ready to give more than 100 USD, what might make you consider model above. 😉

Asics Gel-Mai – some might say that this model would be more suitable in separate category below, but I don’t agree with this. If you live in hot climate or plan to go to country where sun burns all live things, black color won’t work even on footwear. Now look at this nice sand color and spacious shape. In my opinion this model will be a perfect everyday partner, which won’t limit and bake your legs. Price is also quite reasonable, around 70 USD.

Puma Te-Ku Core – I won’t say that I am huge fan of such design, but it might look good with some outfits. Of course, it is not ugly, so that’s why it didn’t go into category below. Only two colors, price above 100 USD… You have to be dedicated fan of those “boats” in order to get them. Some might say that such design would combine nicely with chinos, well…whatever. 😛

Adidas Ultra Boost 4.0 – another controversial pair. I would say design is already classic, but some might disagree. Nevertheless, we can agree that those are quite comfortable to wear – be it casual use or running. Another plus – this soil is also used on famous Yeezy, if it is important for you. Another well-known name – Continental, because they created antislip cover.

DC Switch S Black Gum – classic skating shoes in my opinion. This design will work with any outfit and style. Moreover, Switches are surprisingly comfortable, what is obvious advantage for everyday use. Pricewise we also look at quite reasonable level. DC Switch S Black Gum should be good for active driving too. Don’t forget about traditional big choice of color schemes for this model.

Weird and Ugly

First of all let me remind you that we all have different taste, and maybe you would like models below. From my side I can only say please don’t. 🙂

Nike Air Max 270 – quite futuristic design, not that ugly, but won’t suit with classic pants. Light and comfortable to wear, yes, but choose carefully and avoid weird color choices at all costs. Note how good black version looks. That being said I have to remind you that I am not that big fan of dark sneakers, so model has to be truly good to interest me. Price here will be higher than 100, but it is normal for comfortable high-quality pair.

Nike Air Max 97 – yes, another Nike! I wonder if their designers have task to make as more “unusual” models as possible, but they are quite successful in this. For me it’s complete “no gusta”, but maybe some of you would like those waivy lines. If I had gun to my head and had to choose color, here it is – silver. In my opinion it somehow adds appeal to overall design.

Adidas Crazy 8 – to add some choice in this section, I decided to included this model from German brand. It’s complete no-no from me. I hope you will agree after you see price tag and available alternatives for the same amount. If you don’t…well, I hope you will like those. 😀

That’s all for today. Of course, there are some other models available, but in my opinion only mentioned above are interesting for those who would like to wear something fresh. As I said before, none of those will kill your wallet, so final choice is up to you.

What do you think?

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