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Werenbach Watch on Baselworld 2017

Today’s article is dedicated to new watch from Werenbach. This time watchmaker decided to choose slightly different approach and launch model via kickstarter. Moreover, this version will be “entry ticket” to Werenbach world, so it was interesting to see how it is made and check it closer.
Yeah, as it was mentioned before, this time Werenbach will launch entry-level model. Newcomer should be available for relatively small price, especially when compared to its “big brothers” from the same company. Kickstarter supporters will get a chance to buy this model for even more attractive price, so I would recommend to hurry up.
Even though price will be reduced, new model will feature part of the space rocket. This time it will be visible, but closed by sapphire glass. Yes, whole dial will be made out of space rocket metal! You might notice on the photos that Werenbach decided to emphasise it and some dials carry slight damage from temperature or other external factors. Such approach makes every watch truly unique, because you won’t get metal with the same scratch or burn.
There are no complications installed, but watchmaker plans to produce watch with launch sequencer, which is applied on the inner bezel. This feature will help you understand how fast rocket reaches space, and let’s not lie to ourselves – it will be interesting feature to play with.
Note that case is made out of stainless steel, unlike more expensive models, which have body made out of Soyuz spaceship. As you can guess, such decision influenced on the final price of this product. Note that there will be three colors available, and you can see in the video, why there are only three to choose.
I also recommend to check the video interview, because there you will see another interesting feature – possible customization of dials, which is still in future plans. Well, it is cool when you can choose what pattern you would like to see on your timepiece.
Kickstarter campaign should be out already, and you will find more info on official Werenbach website. As for now I can say that it is nice to see company moving into different market segments as well as still searching for innovations to use in their new models. Today’s watch shows that they still have tricks in their sleeves, so stay tuned for more interesting things.
P.S.: I just checked Kickstarter page, and new model got more than 350% of required sum! Good to see such result 🙂


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