Tudor Clair de Rose brings Beauty in Tiny Package

We keep on writing about men’s timepieces, but this article is different and covers new Tudor Clair de Rose line, which was launched on Baselworld 2017. While we didn’t have a chance to play with it, there is still some info and photos worth sharing with you.
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Small Beauty

Yes, women’s watch, and straightaway I can say that it looks damn good. Just take a careful look on all those clean elegant lines, and you would know why. 2017 marks complete reimagining of the lineup, and believe me, there will be a lot of new models. Why? First of all because of three different case sizes. This is quite impressive offer, and even thinnest wrists will get a nice-looking timepiece. Next, there are three strap types. Buyers will be able to choose between metal version with rice beads, which looks quite shiny, alligator strap, which might be interesting for fans of classics, and of course fabric strap. Here I would recommend to choose metal version, what is quite unusual for women’s watch, but here such choice looks truly beautiful. Not the last reason is that all three types feature metal attachment.
You might notice that Roman numericals are finished in blue color. The same shade was used for hands. Well the main eye-catcher here is blue spinel cabochon in the crown. It is surprising how this element fits into overall style, and doesn’t break it. I hope future buyers will find this feature attractive too. Inside there is automatic movement, what is not surprising in case of Tudor. More astonishing is the size of the movement, especially when you remember that watch is available in 26mm casing.

Right Choice?

I hope we will continue checking women’s timepieces, and you can expect more to come. As for the today’s watch, Tudor Clair de Rose looks like worthy candidate to be on your woman’s wrist. Moreover, several sizing options should make it even more attractive. Now you know what to get to your second half. 🙂

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