TAG Heuer CARRERA Heuer-01 43 mm

Do you remember big skeleton chrono from Tag Heuer? Well, you can’t answer no, check this article here. Today the same manufacturer decided to announce new version of this watch. I wonder who complained on the size of the previous edition, but new one will be 2mm smaller – 43mm. Moreover, we’ll see lower price and new colors, but let’s not hurry and take a closer look at what we know at the moment.
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Ok, so what we have here? From the first sight it might seem that design stayed the same, and you will be right, but not entirely. This is 12-piece modular case, so here it mimics previous model. As it was mentioned, now casing is smaller, what should make watch easier to wear and more “compatible” with smaller wrist sizes. I remember trying original model in Basel, and it was quite big, screaming for attention. Well, it seems that not everyone wants such big timepiece on their hand, and Swiss manufacturer decided to fulfill their wishes.

Dial is still skeletonized, so owner will be able to see through movement, and appreciate its work. Bezel is made out ceramic, and corresponds with the main color in the chosen version, be it blue, black or brown. This is chrono, so Tag Heuer decided to mark dial points with red color. Well, this approach was used on all three colors, and I am bit confused about blue version. How about using specific marking color for each color? By the way, the same red can be found on pushers. Crown is wrapped into black rubber and looks nice in all versions.

All three types should be available with leather or metal strap. On the photo you can see only black watch with metal band, but I believe that blue will look excellent with metal all around. New model should be available soon, and it will cost less than 5000 CHF, what makes it one of the first manufacture chronographs for such price. Value for money, huh?

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