Speake-Marin Vertical Double Tourbillon Openworked Reworks Haute Horlogerie

Today we have a chance to talk about something truly special. Speake-Marin Vertical Double Tourbillon Openworked comes as one of the SIHH 2018 novelties. This model is a pure creation of watch masters, and further in the article you will see why. Name here is not long, but also quite descriptive of the main feature. Let’s take a closer look.
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Full Open

First of all I would like to write two important words – two weeks. That’s the time needed to assemble one movement, which later will be installed into new model. Master watchmaker has to work at least two weeks on this movement in order to create pure masterpiece. Speake-Marin Vertical Double Tourbillon Openworked is special because of its vertical placement of tourbillons. Creators decided to do open case so that owner can appreciate the movement. Note that case size also comes in 46 mm, what places it as one of the largest watches from Speake-Marin. Nevertheless, shape will be familiar to fans – this is Picadilly case, which works nicely with such open configuration. Note that two vertical complications are interconnected in order to achieve better precision.

Black and Gold

Those are the main colors in the new model. All inner elements come in matte black, while case is finished in gold color. Two colors work nicely together, and I think future owners will appreciate such design. Note that watchface features only four arabic digits, what makes design quite modern and contemporary. Speake-Marin Vertical Double Tourbillon Openworked looks surprisingly well-balanced, and I think that this is very important feature for such watches. Not everybody wants huge shiny toy on their wrist. Some people like to keep things subtle, and still know that they have something special with them.

Speake-Marin Vertical Double Tourbillon Openworked – Price

I doubt that this section is necessary at all, but well, some of you would like to know price of this beauty. Ok, tag is set at 287k USD, and there will be only three pieces produced. I have no doubt that they will be sold out fast, but still we can hope that Speake-Marin will not stop at this and we will see more editions.

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