Speake-Marin Velsheda Gothic Black Preview

Today’s preview is dedicated to the new watch from Speake-Marin. Well, to be honest, this is more of new Limited Edition for existing model. Watchmaker decided to use dark shades and issuse new Velsheda Gothic Black.
As you can guess from name, newcomer is all about black color. There were two editions released previously, and today we are looking at the third one. This time unusual model combines typical hands design with black enamel coating. Such finish suits overall design because it provides nice gloss surface with distinctive marks on it.
Black color seems to be getting everywhere, and Speake-Marin Velsheda Gothic Black is a perfect proof for such claim. Of course, buyers of such version won’t care about readability and other practical factors, because this model is more of a style statement. I doubt that somebody will be trying to test waterproof level of the new Velsheda Gothic Black. 🙂
I’ve mentioned it before that newcomer can be considered as part of Velsheda Gothic series, and therefore carries the same design cues as previous two issues. The most catching element here is hands design and their mount, which take large portion of the dial and hard to miss. Another distinguishing feature – watchface, which combines Roman and Arabic numericals – quite unusual move. Those are also different in color, and such design helps to avoid completely black timepiece.
It is also important to say that Speake-Marin Velsheda Gothic Black will be issued as limited edition. Well, here word “limited” is taken to an extreme, and watchmaker plans to produce only 16 pieces. I have no doubt that those will sell out quickly, so if you want one – it is better to contact Speake Marin as quick as possible.

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