Speake-Marin Only Watch Edition Goes Colorful

Get ready to read more and more about watches and clocks that will be sold on upcoming charity auction named as Only Watch. Today we are going to talk about one of them. Speake-Marin Only Watch Edition will be sold on this event. Of course, it is made as an exclusive piece, but let’s check what is special here.
By the way, here you can read about MB&F clock for Only Watch.
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Blue of Only Watch

Yeah, the main change can be seen straight on the photo. Designers decided to use this special shade of blue right on the watch dial. It looks unusual to say the least. I am also surprised that it actually works with overall design of London Chronograph. Yep, recipe is quite simple here – take classic chrono and upgrade it with special color. The same shade can be found on the strap inner side. I guess it was done in order to keep overall combination balanced and not too bright.

Classic Inside

As I wrote above, new version is based on well-known chrono from Speake-Marin. It means that you will get classic Valjoux 92 inside. Add here elegant and simple dial design in order to have full picture. Oh, don’t forget about…well, no – that’s pretty much all. What could be added here though?

Only one piece will come in blue only. 🙂

Extra Changes

Rear cover photo just begs for glass tint in the same color as watch dial. Instead there is a small “Limited Edition” engraving. Next thing that could bring more visual interest – painting one of the pushers into blue color. Yes, London Chronograph is quite simple in styling, but why not to try completely different direction? I think that here some crazy ideas would look good. Instead we get decent combination, but in my opinion that’s just not enough to catch attention on Only Watch auction.

Worth It?

I like Speake-Marin watches, but here it looks like designers decided to go easy…completely easy. Even press-release for this watch barely reaches one page… Come on guys, we both know that you can do better than this. I am more than ready to help with everything I can in order to preserve such great brand and make one of the best watches for Only Watch 2020. 😉

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