SmallRig Memory Card Case

Today’s review is going to be slightly different, because we will talk about SmallRig Memory Card Case. This is not a watch, but handy accessory which I thought might be interesting for you too. Yes, it is just a simple case, but I can’t count how many times I needed one to store my extra SD cards. Moreover, price is very accessible, but you get quite a set of features. Let’s open this small box and take a closer look together.
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First thing that you will see here – nice metal case with SmallRig engraving on the top. It should provide necessary strength and protection for its contents. External finish looks like satin surface, so I can guess it should protect against scratches, but deep scuffs are still possible. SmallRig offers one color only, so you will have to live with this dark metal. Overall quality looks fine and product feels like something more expensive.

Almost forgot to mention that SmallRig also offers engraving service. It is quite simple, but some people might find it handy in order to mark their things. As you can see, I decided not to order this service.


Whole design is based on sliding tray which is fixed in place with ball bearing. We have black plastic tray here and you have to press it with finger in order to take out whole part. SmallRig decided to place several slots inside – three for normal sized SD cards and two for microSD. Nevertheless, that’s not all because there is also a SIM-tray pin and SIM-card adapter. We’ve all been in this situation when there is no pin around, so now it will be inside this small case.

While case is sturdy, tray is not that tough, so I would recommend to be careful. Moreover, there are no sliders or railings inside, so you can hear squeaking while taking whole tray out. Here I have to say that closing click sound is quite satisfactory, so it might be a small thing to play with during your free time. Once the tray is in the case, everything sits tight and doesn’t slide out unless you press it. In other words, your cards should be safe inside.

SmallRig Memory Card Case – Price

Price for this small thing is fixed at 10 USD what is more than reasonable. For this amount you would get a decent metal accessory which should come handy in everyday life. It is good to see that authors decided to avoid making card-only case and include some other useful things. What I would like to see is another color option and maybe a waterproof version for a little extra. Such offer will be interesting for many of us who are interested in keeping their SD cards safe. 😀

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