Skoda Fabia – Good to be Back?

Straight from the name of this article and main photo you will be able to guess which car is the main hero today. In my opinion, Czech supermini earned its reputation and it is interesting to see what fourth generation has to offer. Well, it was available for short test-drive on recent car expo in Prague and I decided to take a closer look. Keep in mind that we have completely new generation here which should go on sale quite soon. Design looks premium, but what is inside? Let’s talk in detail.
Here you can read about faster novelty from German brand.
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We can start with the overall styling of this new model. I wouldn’t say that “old” model was waaaay outdated, but it was predictable to see the new design in the fourth generation. There is nothing shocking, just a bit more modern styling which has a bit of premium feeling to it. Don’t forget that base and top models will be noticeably different outside. Of course, all promo photos show the top version of this car. 🙂

New platform (MQB-A0) is the same as in Audi A1, VW Polo and T-Cross models, but it gave a bit more space for designers and now car looks more mature in comparison with first generations. Front grille now mimics the same angular styling as on Octavia and Kodiaq. There is quite unusual feature – active shutters. Frankly speaking this is something what you would expect in performance cars and now it comes in relatively accessible Fabia. Headlamps are a bit bigger, what also has a big influence on the car perception. Note that platform is a bit longer and now we have better proportions overall. Nevertheless, car is a victim of big rims and this design won’t look as good with smaller wheels.

Note that now Fabia comes as 5-door hatchback, but Skoda promises estate soon. It is interesting to see how designers would draw such car. Well, it shouldn’t take long to see this version.


This part of the car looked somewhat ok on the pictures, but I recommend you to check it in person. It looks amazing for such car and way more engaging than any other Skoda on the market. I guess designers got a bit more freedom in small Fabia and decided to make it a bit more “youth-friendly”. Yes, there are some Octavia cues, for example, steering wheel. It might look unusual, but two-spoke design is quite comfortable in use. Another new thing – 9.2in central display which looks modern and sits right in the centre. You can also add a digital cluster to it and such combo would result in two big displays inside new Fabia.

Car on the photos has bright bronze line piercing through the dash and making it look a bit more modern. Another nice thing – circular air vents on both sides. Textile dashboard can be also found on Octavia and it looks fine here as well. Door handles should be noted here because they have nothing in common with dull parts on other Skodas.

New platform brings more space, but it is not really spacious on the second row. I fit on the rear seat, but it is nothing as spacious as Scala, for example. Trunk is also quite large for such car and measures around 350l. Of course, you will find there various “Simply Clever” things which can be ordered with Skoda.


Let’s make one thing straight – there won’t be RS version, don’t even wait for it. Skoda engineers say that even though sporty edition would be in demand on German market, it is still not enough. That’s why we get three and four-cylinder engines with not that impressive numbers. Top range 1.5 TSI clocks at 148bhp what looks ok for such small car, but won’t offer you any thrills. Note that this version will be paired with DSG only. Czech brand expects bigger demand on three-cylinder versions, and there is no surprise – such cars are usually used as corporate cars. Moreover, this 1.0 liter car will be more affordable and I can hardly remember seeing any cars with all of the options inside. People usually try to save on Fabia, not to get a lot of options in features.

As a side note, all engines and even gearboxes are assembled in Czech Republic. New Fabia is basically CZ-born in full sense of this word. I would say it is quite unusual for a brand covered by VW. 😀 Oh, almost forgot – there are no diesels in this generation. Yes, none, nada, don’t even think about seeing such version in the future. Quite unusual thing is that there are no hybrids either. I guess current 1.4 TSi chassis was left for Octavia and Superb only.

On The Road

As it was mentioned before, new platform is also used in more prestigious Audi, so it would be safe to expect better road manners in comparison with previous-gen Fabia. Well, new car IS better, but this is not a fun car. Engines are somewhat enough in the city, but not that impressive on the highway. Suspension is well-assembled and hides all bumps on the road. Nevertheless, body roll is noticeable, so this is not a car to take on mountain road for fun ride. From the other side, who would want to race on Fabia? It is a pity that we won’t see any performance version though. Would be fun to get a rival for Fiesta RS and Yaris GR.

As a side note I would like to mention 0-100kmh time – 9.7sec. Doesn’t look that amusing, right? 😉

New Skoda Fabia – Prices and Availability

New Fabia should be available soon and I think it has all chances to become a leader in class. This is a smart choice with a bit of pepper in form of modern design and truly unusual (for Skoda) interior design. I like it and honestly hope that Czech brand will rethink its approach and bring us performance version of this model. Small fast mini would be an interesting thing to get. For now you would have to contend yourself with 3- and 4-cylinder turbo engines with not so impressive power output.

Prices are not announced yet, but I expect approximately the same level as the previous generation. We will have to wait for estate as well. Nevertheless, the only thing I am sure – rivals will have a hard time to beat the value offered by new Fabia.

What do you think?

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