Sinn EZM 12 Hands-On Baselworld 2017

Sinn EZM 12

Here is another report from Sinn stand, and this time we will tell you about new Sinn EZM 12. Again we have quite simple name out of letters and numbers, but this is quite impressive “toolwatch”, so I hope fans will invent some cool nickname for it. Yes, this is a perfect instrument for professionals, and there are several reasons for this.
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By the way, here you can read hands-on with another Sinn watch. 🙂

First of all I recommend you to check video above, because it is necessary to see Sinn EZM 12 “in motion”. When I saw photos from press release I wasn’t shocked, new model appeared to me as another perfect example of strict German design where every element has its purpose. Well, this is a beauty of the newcomer – each corner, screw and other small thing is present to be useful and provide easy operation.

This watch was developed for rescue helicopter pilots, and you might notice small rotor in the center, which serves for several purposes. First, it’s a typical hand for seconds, and second it can be used for measuring patient’s pulse. You just wait until one of ends will be on 12 mark, count 15 beats and have precise pulse. Such design is more effective than traditional “sole” hand, where you can’t reset it and have to wait for it to reach 12 mark.

Watch case is finished in matte grey color, which was achieved with help of bead-blasting. It’s sturdy and heavy, so you will feel it while wearing on your wrist. Nevertheless, watchmaker decided to add one special feature to Sinn EZM 12 – all parts can be detached, so that you can easily wash your watch! It seems that detachable watch straps become trend those years. 🙂 You can see on video that system is foolproof and you won’t lose your watch because of one end detaching from watch case. As you can see on photos, owner should use special tool for bezel detaching. Of course, it comes together with watch. When you return this part on the casing, it clicks, so that you know it’s properly attached to watch. By the way, there won’t be any separate bezel sold, so you can use only standard black version.

Another interesting feature – dehumidifying element, which is hidden in top crown and marked with yellow color. This part should ensure that you watch won’t cover with fog in extreme situation. By the way, note that outer and inner bezels are movable. Of course, all marks and indices on Sinn EZM 12 are covered with luminous material and protected with sapphire glass.

This is not an amateur’s toy, and you can see that this watch was created for one purpose – to save lives. I have no doubt that somebody will purchase it for personal use, but main users will be helicopter pilots and medics, who would use main functions of EZM 12. There is no doubt that such tool won’t suit with formal outfit, but if you feel that this watch will be a perfect addition to your watch collection – order it asap. 🙂

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