Sigma FP – Why You Should Wait

New Sigma FP Full Frame camera is a new device from well-known photography brand. I wouldn’t say that it is shocking, but there are some unusual things in it. Let’s take a closer look and decide what are the main pros and cons from what we know so far.
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Main Advantages

1. Small size – It is really difficult not to notice the main selling point of this camera. New Sigma can be called as the smallest Full Frame camera on the market. Moreover, I highly doubt that we will see anything smaller. Just look at the photos – this thing reminds me of classic film cameras. Its body might look a bit thick, but that’s only due to small case footprint. There are some official photos with camera placed on drone chassis and even packed into video-gear. In other words, Sigma hints on versatility of the new model
2. Decent design – I don’t know about you, but it makes me happy when I see calm elegant design without unnecessary bling-bling. Yeah, it is not related with image quality or camera handling, but I would prefer to have “less screaming” style. Here we get professional-like design, which can be compared to the best examples on the market. Well, except of few which are popular too (yes, Red, I am looking at you).

3. Full frame – Well, that’s the main feature of this camera. Combine it with the first point in order to get a perfect mix. I am not going to discuss all pros and cons of having FF sensor inside. Let’s just say that it is a useful trend from which we – photographers and videographers would benefit. I am sure that Sigma would bring some enhancements here. The most important thing is that you can expand ISO range to 6. Yes, just 6 – now imagine what video and photo quality that would bring.

4. Recording in RAW – This thing records in CinemaDNG. Yes, it doesn’t offer 8k or any other crazy features, but even 4k with several useful display options will be handy. Moreover, all this comes as standard package, so you won’t have to pay extra. Yes, I am looking at Panasonic with its S-series. In my opinion it is complete facepalm to pay full price for high-end camera and then pay more to open new features. Keep in mind that Sigma will be recording RAW only in 24fps which might be limiting in some cases.
5. Generous lens choice – Ok, this is one is a bit controversial. Sigma claims that there is a huge choice of available lenses, and this is fact. It is also true that you will have to use lens adapter in order to have those lenses on the new FP camera. It might sound ok, but let’s not forget that main advantage of the camera is in its size. Well, here we can move to cons of the Sigma FP.

Things to Keep in Mind

1. Small size – Yes, first will be the size of the upcoming camera. It is all good and nice to have small body, but how it will fare in real world use? I highly doubt that it will be easy to grab that small bump on the right side. Another problem – weight balance. It is visible even on the photos and heavy lens would be hard to keep in leveled position. It should be interesting to see how Sigma will solve this problem.
2. Limited controls – This one comes from the previous point. Due to the small space you can see few buttons. Frankly speaking, I am impressed that designers found where to place those. The only question is how easy those will be to use. Another feature that worries me – sliding controls on the top. I would rather prefer to have dial, but it is matter of personal preference.

3. Price? – I highly doubt that all this stuff will come in cheap. Well, there is hope that Sigma FP will be cheaper than Panasonic… Nevertheless, judging by absence of the price in the initial press-release, I can say that Japanese brand is still working on that question.
4. Still more to come – lenses and accessories – L-Mount is relatively young mount type. New lenses expected to come out later this year. There is a hope that alliance would actually bring us some interesting results. Now we have current Sigma lenses with adapters what should make a bit clumsy assembly.
5. One card slot and few ports – There is only one card slot included. I am happy to see that Sigma didn’t go crazy and used good old SD format. It is worth noting that new camera also offers recording to external SSD what probably will be used for video-recording.

Worth Waiting?

I am still happy to see Sigma FP because it goes in the opposite direction to the latest developments on the market. Instead of getting DSLR body, we are given more universal “modular” device. Put the cage on it, add a handle, ssd drive, display, microphone and then you would have some hefty build in your hands. Small size is handy here for sure but let’s see how camera will fare in the image quality. 😉

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