Seiko Presage SRPF41J1 Cocktail Time Matcha Limited Edition Watch Review

First of all let’s get one thing straight – you see the full name of the watch on the top, I am going to use a bit shorter version in the article. Let’s just call it Seiko SRPF41J1 Matcha. This is a new Limited Edition watch from the famous Japanese brand, so it will be interesting to see what is special in this tiny timepiece. Yes, it is surprisingly compact, what might be an attractive feature for some watch collectors. Watch is still part of so called “Cocktail Time” series, which is famous for its neat design. Now let’s take a closer look.

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New timepiece comes as one in pair of Limited Edition watches which have special dial reminding of tealeaves. Second model is named as Hojicha and comes in Golden colors. Well, today we will focus on green Matcha instead. Well, there is no point to make a surprise out of it – green is the main color in the new watch, so dial and strap come in the same color.

Dial structure and finish should remind of green tea leaves. Note that it gets darker to edges what creates feeling of depth and helps to avoid plain-looking dial. All those creases and crosses on the dial surface look impressive in person. I had a hard time trying to remember any comparable watch for similar price tag. Such dial just feels as something luxury and I am glad that all the writings kept in reasonable number without going into describing all the features and price of this watch. Note also applied Seiko logo which looks great in person.

Handset is classic for Presage series – two large silver hands and one thin seconds hand. Indices are accompanied with digits what creates quite interesting look without going into something strange. With all that dial is still legible and you won’t have any issues with checking the time.

There are few things that bother me though. First is a date window which comes in dark color and framed into silver “opening”. I can bet that there are a lot of ways to implement such indicator in a bit more elegant way.

Another thing is writings. I guess Seiko can’t do without them, so you will find some in the lower half. While they are not as obvious as they could be, it is still could be a nice idea to completely remove them or place on the caseback. I guess it is matter of personal taste too.


As I mentioned before, this is quite small watch, its size equals to 38.5mm. Such number looks surprising in modern “increase everything” times. Thickness is around 11.8mm, what gives you really compact, thin silhouette. Seiko SRPF41J1 Matcha has small weight and clocks at 63g. This is classic stainless steel part with mirror polishing.

I am glad to see “clean” part with no extra features. It continues the whole mood set by the dial and fans would appreciate this. Pure Japanese design in small package. 🙂 Note that crown is not big either, but it is still easy to manipulate. Special shape helps with adjusting time even if you have big fingers like me. On its side you will find Seiko logo.

Separate word should be said about glasses on this watch. First, dial is covered with Hardlex, which is curved on edges. Such part creates nice reflections and somewhat reminds of old watches. I am not sure why Seiko decided not to use sapphire glass here, so be careful with the front side.

Yes, there is also a clear insert on the caseback which will help you check the movement inside. Believe me, it is a true beauty to look at. 🙂 Oh, manufacturer also placed watch number there, so that you know what timepiece you have.


Seiko SRPF41J1 Matcha comes with well-known 4R35 automatic movement inside. It has 41 hours power reserve which should be fine for everyday use.

This calibre is based on 23 jewels. Note that there are no extra complications except of date indicator. Everything is adjusted with help of small crown.


Each version comes with its special strap. Today’s watch features green leather with polished steel buckle. Strap size equals to 20mm. It is surprisingly soft and easy to wear, so I don’t think you will have any issues here. Frankly speaking it is really difficult to think of something what could be a match for such dial… Maybe some classic-colored NATO strap?

I am mentioning this because manufacturer decided to help those who love to change straps. Seiko SRPF41J1 Matcha comes with quickrelease strap which should be easy to take off. This is a nice small bonus which will be handy for some watch collectors.

In Use

Here I should remind you once more – this watch is small. Size is refreshing after all these big timepieces that you literally forget about Seiko on your wrist. This is really good thing, compact case makes it easy to wear and it is “sleeve-friendly” too. Polished case might require some due care though. We all know how easy it is to scratch such part. Another thing to keep in mind – hardlex glass which is not as durable as sapphire.

Legibility here is on the top level – thanks to large silver digits and indices. As you can guess, there is no lume, so things get sad when it is dark around. Well, we all have mobile phones, right? 😀 Jokes aside, I would like to mention strap again because it shows improvement of the quality for the “stock part”. It is no stiff, suits overall style, so I didn’t even think about possible alternatives.

Seiko SRPF41J1 Matcha – Price

First things first – there will be only 7000 pieces produced worldwide. It might sound not that small, but I still recommend to hurry if you want to get one in your collection. Seiko SRPF41J1 Matcha will be priced at around 500 EUR what sounds reasonable for quality watch with special design. In my opinion it might be a great choice for those guys who search for something small and elegant. Size of this watch might also attract ladies who would like to have something special on their wrist.

I hope this series will get more interesting versions in 2021, who knows, maybe this “tea series” will continue with some other models. 🙂 Of course, I would be happy to know your opinion, write it in the comments section below. Don’t forget to watch video-review above which will show you new watch in action.

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