Sberatel 2017 Prague Report

This article covers latest event, which happened in Prague during this weekend – Sberatel 2017 exhibition. Event happens every year in Letnany – one of the Prague districts. Nevertheless, this year it happened in the same time with several other exhibitions. Read on to see few shots and our impressions from this expo.
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Smaller but Better?

As I’ve mentioned before, this year exhibition was held in the same time with several other shows, so it was a bit tricky to find right space with all exhibitors. At first I entered Cosmetics and Beauty expo, and, well all these women didn’t hint on the slightest bit of coin or stamps collecting. Turns out that “Sberatel” was moved into the next hall. It’s almost equal in terms of space, so here I have no complaints.

This year I was surprised by absence of Korean, Chinese and Japanese stands – they usually have interesting things to buy. Moreover, exhibition was held two days instead of three like it was during previous years. Some people (exhibitors?) might consider this as an advantage, but you have to keep in mind that Sberatel 2017 was open only till 6pm. In other words, if you want to get there right from your work – you have to have ninja skills.

What’s interesting on Sberatel 2017?

As I wrote before, this time there were no stands from Asian countries, so I decided to check other countries. This year there was nothing interesting from Czech Post, at least in my opinion. Yes, they offered possibility to attend signature session with main painters, but look at the photo below – this crowd looks inviting, right?

I was quite surprised to see plenty of interesting stamps from Spanish Post – they definitely decided to attract young collectors. Should I mention that I’ve got several stamps from them? 🙂 Ceska Mincovna issued special coin with Czech Lion, which is nice and worth adding into your collection.

What’s Next Year?

I am not sure why some of the previous exhibitors decided not to attended expo this time. Nevertheless, Sberatel 2017 stays as humble as before, and I recommend to visit it if you would like to add interesting things to your collection. Small hint for those who would like to save money – don’t forget to negotiate prices – some sellers are quite flexible on this. 😉

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