Samesis Ring Review

Yes, this review is actually dedicated to Samesis Ring. I have to admit that I didn’t hear about this brand before. I found it on recent fashion fair in Prague, and while other stands were quite boring with what they had on display, Samesis actually caught my attention. Ok, easy thing done – ring chosen and purchased and now we are going to check it closer.
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First of all, I didn’t hear about this brand before and had to check their website once I was back home. It was surprising to know that company exists from 2016 and created by twins – Lucia and Katarina. Looking at their photo and seeing two beautiful women it was interesting to learn that their products are actually made from wood coal. Product range is not limited by rings only, but I decided to start from small thing.

Grey and Silver

Packaging is simple and finished in matte black color. Nevertheless it doesn’t look cheap, and might even look good while used as a present package. As far as I understood, grey paper in Samesis ring package hints on ecological material. Opening is not a problem, but keep in mind that I bought mind right from the stand. I am not sure on how those products will be shipped, but on web it is claimed that everything will be packed into handmade box. πŸ™‚

Now let’s move to the ring itself. First of all there is no standardized design. It means that you won’t be able to find the same style in different size. Samesis rings might look similar a bit, but those are not copies of each other, so if this particular ring doesn’t fit you – reduce or increase your finger. Choosing another ring will be an option too. I am not that picky on matter of tight-fit-rings, so this model sits nicely on middle and index fingers.

Note that Samesis produces ring as combination of coal and stainless steel. Moreover, the latter comes in polished finish, what brings interesting contrast. Some might not like it, but I would say that here personal taste comes in play. Moreover, once this ring is on your hand, polished part is barely visible, because it sits hidden by fingers from both sides. Even though these materials look different, connection between is rigid enough and I didn’t manage to break it even with some force applied. :/

Test Drive

It won’t be a complete review if I wouldn’t try this product in everyday life. First of all let me remind you again that Samesis produces various ring styles, and you can get something different from claw-like shape as on mine piece. Nevertheless, I wanted something truly unusual and therefore picked this ring (moreover it was one of the few with the size that fit me). As for sharp edges – no worries, those won’t damage your skin and are quite ok when you wear ring for the whole day. What is not ok and it is better to pay attention – when you put you hand with ring through the sleeve. Tear the fabric? Easy! That’s why I would recommend to remove ring before putting any clothes. Again, that is “feature” of mine piece, and I doubt that this stuff will happen with more “soft” versions.

Samesis Ring – How Much?

Let’s not waste time – price is quite reasonable here, and I bought my ring for 30 USD. Frankly speaking, price tag surprised me with its “sober” approach. It is good to see that creators managed to stay away from “exclusive=freaking expensive” bullshit and managed to present pieces with nice price tags. Moreover, there are other accessories available so that you can wear whole set on your hands and neck. Should I add that there is also women line available? I am definitely planning on returning to Samesis in order to get something else to wear, maybe necklace will be the next one, who knows… πŸ™‚

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