Saal Digital Photobook Review

Yes, this review is dedicated to book. Well, not a simple book, but 1 out of 1 issue! Jokes aside I decided to take a look at the new product – Saal Digital Photobook with Acryllic Cover. Moreover, it was interesting to see how my photos would look in printed state, so you can guess what is printed inside. Now I have this neat cardboard box here, and we can do unboxing together.
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Digital into Print

Everything starts with order. To configure your new book you will need to download special software, which is used for arranging design and layout. Interface is more or less straightforward, so if you can browse internet and find this article, then you should be able to build your book. I encountered only few minor issues, but those are easy to solve.
So money paid and next you have to wait for your order. Keep in mind that book has to be printed, so it will take week or two together with delivery to your door.


So first of all I would like to talk about packaging. Book arrived in special cardboard box, which was intact except of few dents. Inside is wrapped into foam envelope which is fixed in place with cardboard corners. It is easy to open and remove all this stuff. Book came in mint condition even though several corners jumped away from the book.


I decided to choose wooden texture wrapping for this order. You can choose out of several types, but I felt that this one will be more up to my taste. Material looks and feels good. Note that there are no writings on the side, so maybe you can put some sticker there.

In my opinion, cover is the main showstopper here. I ordered acrylic cover and you can see result on the photos and video. Book comes with special protecting film on this cover, so you shouldn’t be worried about possible scratches. Acrylic glass is quite thick, what causes a little dis-balance on the left side when you hold book open. Note that corners are rounded here, while rear part has sharp ones. I am not sure if I like such combination, who knows maybe next version will have it corrected. It might be cool to have a choice between two corner versions. Note that inside print starts on the cover right away. Well, at least you have an option to leave white space there, but who would want to do so?

What’s Inside

Now we can move to print quality. Word “amazing” doesn’t describe half of the effect. I used several layouts and various photo versions in order to see how they would look in print. You should be fine as long as you have pic with more than 10 Mp resolution. I decided to add both edited and unedited photos in order to see how they fare on pages. Color print looks gorgeous in person and even if you take it close to your nose, you won’t see any problem. Each page is quite thick, so 26 pages look like proper book. I consider it as an advantage because pages won’t be easily damaged. Note that I ordered matte print, but there is also glossy option for those love this magazine look and feel.

Saal Digital Photobook – Worth Ordering?

What can I say about this product. If you are used to have all photos in files on hard drive, it is definitely worth ordering at least one book. That way will let you touch your photos and see them in “classic” form. I am impressed with printing quality and recommend to check the video, where you will see more. The only thing I would like to see – more user-friendly book creator app, which will be easier to work with. Such products usually ordered by impulse and here you have to spend your time trying to understand this or that basic thing. I doubt that such “feature” will speed up the purchase process. 😉 Otherwise Saal Digital Photobook has reasonable price and should be a nice gift for yourself or your close people. Instead of printing separate photos and then trying not to lose them, here you get everything in top class quality. Now I wonder what their large photo print outs offer… 😉

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