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Romain Gauthier Enraged Collection

Review with with new enraged watch line from Romain Gauthier


Frankly speaking we are getting tired of all those shiny special editions. One and only question here is why all limited watches have to feature mirror-like casing?! Today’s model is not in this trend and exploits completely different approach to creation of the Limited Edition line. As you can see on the main photo and name of this article, newcomer is produced by Romain Gauthier. Moreover, new collection has unusual name – “enraged”.
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Even though I am not big fan of black casings, I can admit that here authors succeeded in creation of something unusual. I can count such examples on fingers of my right hand, and it’s nice to see another perfect match, where color doesn’t look cheap and suits overall style of the watch. New edition will cover Logical One and Prestige HMS models. Both turned into matte dark, which looks truly impressive.

Yeah, even without such coloring both models are impressive to see and even more imposing when you actually wear them on your wrist. Those two have in-house movements with elements exposed on the watchface, quite an unusual design that keeps surprising even today.

Logical One Enraged will be available in three version with different color accents. This model is special because “under the hood” there is modern interpretation of traditional chain-and-fusee constant force mechanism. Moreover, it would be a shame to hide such specialty so it’s displayed through the watchface! Another interesting feature – special push-button winging mechanism, which can be found on 9 o’clock mark.


Prestige HMS Enraged might look a bit less crazy, but still has impressive appearance. Here owner can also see oscillating balance wheel at 7 o’clock mark. One of the interesting features is the crown, which makes it possible to operate winding even when you wear watch on your wrist.  It is hidden on the backside and doesn’t break smooth lines of the casing.


Here I want to post few words from Mr.Gauthier himself:

“I’m an avid car fan and admire many of the limited-edition supercars created by automobile companies,” says Gauthier. “These projects give carmakers licence to express the edgier side of their creativity, allowing them to break with convention and build something outside of the box. I felt there was nothing stopping me from doing the same, so I developed the concept for these Enraged limited editions.”

You understand this, right? They didn’t do any cooperation with car manufacturer, but created own products, which are inspired by cars and copying their limited edition dream models. I think this deserves appreciation , especially when you see final result. The only thing to remember – each type is limited by 5 pieces, so this is truly statement to have one on the wrist.

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