Raketa celebrates 20 years in Space

Straightaway I want to say that this edit was intentionally applied to the main photo of this Raketa watch. In my opinion this watchmaker has this unusual “warm” image, which is not spoiled by any “luxury” additions. Today we will talk about another perfect example from this company. This is a special model which celebrates 20 year anniversary of ISS station. I don’t know about you, but I start to feel old when those numbers are typed as the age for world famous space station. Melancholic thoughts aside, let’s take a look at the new Limited Edition from Russian brand.
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Only 20

I won’t be writing history of ISS here. In case you lived in cave and don’t know what is this, just type word in the google and watch several videos. What I want to say is that it is still impressive to think that team of several humans orbit earth inside this construction. 20 years look important for the man, and it is even more important for such crucial structure flying in space. Russian watchmaker Raketa decided to take their own Baikonur watch and make it a bit more special.

First of all, this edition will be limited only to 20 pieces. It is good to see that company didn’t stop at just making those watches and decided to number each piece. Nevertheless, here comes question regarding first numbers – what will happen with it and how it will be sold? The number 1 went to Sergey Krikalev during presentation of this watch.

Second thing is that this watch is based on the Baikonur model. Why is it important? Well, because this watch created in cooperation with Sergey Krikalev, famous Russian spaceman. This guy is famous because he spent the longest time in space. He also helped watchmakers add important functions into this watch. What about switching between automatic and manual winding? This thing should come handy if you happen to fly to space.

Third interesting thing is that this watch will be also sent to space for evaluation. By doing so creators will be able to develop standards for “space watches”.

Why Not?

All those facts sound cool, right? Nevertheless, I wish we would see a bit more additional things on Limited Edition. This time creators limited themselves with number on the rear cover and special ISS picture on the watchface. Who knows, maybe next edition will be even closer with space flights? What about adding the same straps as the ones worn by cosmonauts, for example?

Raketa 20 Limited Edition – When?

This watch is available via pre-order and official sales should begin on 20th of November. In my opinion this should be an interesting choice for those who would like to keep distance from typical options. All those Speedmasters became a bit more pop and can be seen on many wrists around. Now what about going rebel and choosing something completely opposite? 🙂

What do you think?

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