Porsche Design Book One Takes on Macbook


Just when everybody complained that new Macbook Pro is not that good or cool, Porsche decided to enter this market. Actually this will be a completely new lineup, and newcomer is the first one. As you can see on the name of the article, model is named as Book One. Moreover, Porsche Design decided to step up a game and make their laptop into convertible device. So what can we expect?
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Porsche Design Book One Stand

Porsche Design included

Well, as I mentioned, this device will be convertible, so we can call it as 2-in-1, because top part can be flipped and used as tablet. There is no word about weight, but I doubt that such device will be lighter than 1,2kg. Moreover, Porsche also mentions some words about hinges which look like transmission parts of the sports car, but as for me, they are as related to car as me to wood in the garden. You can also look at this thick top part, which has no explanation, because this is not a detachable, but there are vent holes on the top half. Porsche, is this a proper design?! How such plate can be balanced on the table?

Porsche Design Book One Hinges


New device should pack impressive hardware inside. Of course, display is QHD, and there is 7th Gen Intel CPU. Storage is provided with help 512Gb SSD, and there is impressive 16Gb of RAM. Yeah, we can guess together that there laptop has no dedicated video chip, so don’t expect it to be a gamers’ machine. Now add to it 3200×1800 display, and you can imagine what will happen. Another nice side of this laptop – different ports are included, so you won’t have to worry about not being able to plug in flash drive because of USB absence.

Porsche Design Book OneSideview

It looks cool, packs decent hardware, so now we can check the price. Oh well, here Porsche can surprise us too. Manufacturer set price tag at $2500! Now go and check what Apple can offer to you for those money. I think there is no need to say something else. 🙂

Porsche Design Book One Top View

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