PlayDate Cranks Up Fun

Ok, just when we thought that there is nothing to surprise, guys from Panic company decided to release PlayDate. This tiny device destroys all stereotypes about gaming consoles. It also shows that there are still crazy people who want to turn everything upside down. First thing to know is that you won’t know which game is inside this device! Everyday you will be getting new one and there is no way to guess what will be next. Sounds crazy and interesting, right? It also reminds about good old GameBoy. Well, let’s take a closer look then.
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Maybe it is weird me, maybe it is just nostalgy, but I am happy to see device with black-and-white screen onboard. In my opinion it goes contrary to this obsession with glass bricks and huge displays. Moreover, such design should bring more interest to games because authors will have to combine everything into two colors. I can guess that Panic would surprise us with included titles. Just take a look at the first available GIFs and you will understand what I am talking about.

Next thing is the small crank on the right side. I am not sure if I am happy or not that you can’t charge your device with this handle. Small handle will be used as one of the controller elements instead. There is one example available as GIF, and now it is developers’ turn to create something unusual for such setup. Case features special recessed slot for the crank, so you can fix it in place and carry in your pocket. Sounds neat and I wonder about durability of that thing.

PlayDate – When and Where?

PlayDate created by people who have passion for games, so result should be worth our attention. Moreover, I doubt that price will be higher than any portable console which is available now (should be around 150$). Main pillar for this new thing will be titles packed inside. If those will manage to surprise us then new console has all chances to become famous. Important thing to keep in mind is that this thing is still not available for purchase. We would have to wait, and I can guess that first chance will be around August-September. Well, at least you can subscribe to emails now. 🙂

P.S.: Various big studios responded to this announcement on Twitter, so it would be interesting to see who will join this project.

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