Out of Order Scarabeo


I hope you all remember Out Of Order (OOO), and there is no need to present this watchmaker once again. In case you missed previous article, you can find it here. Today we want to share good news from them – there will be a new model launched on BaselWorld 2017. Now we have stock photos of the new Scarabeo, but you can be sure that we will check it out personally on expo.
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Yes, new model is named after a bug and will be the most affordable in the OOO lineup. It was decided to reduce the price below 200 EUR, and now you can have your own weathered watch for this reasonable money. No worries, this amount still gets you a very nice watch with hand-sewn strap (which are traditionally comfortable) and unique weathered look, which won’t be replicated in other pieces. This Italian company decided to go further with this and sign new models as “Unlimited Edition”. They still use special patented technology to get weathered look on their models, and Scarabeo is not an exclusion.

Out Of Order says that Scarabeo name was chosen for the new model because of its symbolism and deeper meaning. It usually means creativity and manliness, good values and renovation. Moreover, OOO says it should bring luck.

Newcomer should be released in 5 different colors, so you will be able to pick the one you like. I have no doubt that those watch on your wrist will look unusual and attract a lot of attention. As for now, we can congratulate Italian company with their 4th anniversary and wish them even more interesting watches. How about some complicated chrono-model? 🙂



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