Out Of Order Calabrone Hands On Baselworld 2017

Out Of Order Calabrone

Today’s article is dedicated to another watch we tried in Baselworld 2017 – Out Of Order Calabrone. We wrote short preview about it before, but this time it was possible to see real commercial timepiece, try it and get first impressions. 🙂 Straightaway I can say that it should be available for purchase this month. Now let’s talk about this new model.
By the way, here you can read preview with another watch from Out Of Order.
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First of all, Calabrone is a pocket watch, so get ready to have one special pocket for your precious. Nevertheless, the first thing you will encounter – impressive packaging, which is quite big and hides several extras. You will get several strap types for your Out Of Order Calabrone, as well as special leather case, which will be useful for transportation and storage.

As you can see on the video, Ricardo doesn’t hesitate to damage his watches even more because that’s the main idea of his company. New model is not an exclusion, so you will get truly unique piece, which is weathered with special method. Of course, only steel will be weathered, while sapphire glass is fully intact and present from both sides, so that you can appreciate movement in its full beauty.

By the way, Out Of Order Calabrone is based on manual-winding mechanism, so you will have to repeat the same procedure if you want to have your watch going. Watchmaker claims that such decision was taken in order to symbolize return to roots and classic, when you had to wind any watch, and there were no automatic movements. Doing the same operation every time you will appreciate this ritual.

Build quality and weight are quite noticeable, but I think that such features are really important for pocket watch, because otherwise it would be weightless timepiece. New model should be available in several color versions, so you will be able to choose the one you like the most.

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