Omega Speedmaster 38mm switches to smaller format

Just when I thought that all manufacturers go into big format, some companies showed new small models. Today we will talk about another release from quite famous watchmaker. Yes, this is a new Omega Speedmaster 38mm. In other words you will get all classic functions in smaller size. Let’s take a closer look at what’s offered.
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Small space

Well, despite small size, Swiss watchmaker decided to improve design on this model. I am not sure if everybody will like it, but still nice to see changes. After careful look you can notice that main shape in whole composition is oval. It is used for subdials, and it is also present on date window. As I wrote above, this decision is not suitable for everyone taste. Omega Speedmaster 38mm is mainly designed for women and they should appreciate such design. Moreover, it comes with colors and straps variety, what should make choice even more difficult. 😀

Note that bezel now is moved inside, and outer frame can be adorned with stones. As for me, this oval theme looks a bit weird, and it should be interesting to see customers reaction. Well, from the other side who am I kidding? Speedmaster fans will be definitely happy to get small copy for their important half. 🙂

Omega Speedmaster 38mm as small legend

Even though I can’t imagine this watch on lady’s hand, there is still high probability that they will appreciate such tender colors. The same can be said about case shape, which comes with traditional caseback cover. Inside there is automatic movement, which should help avoid unnecessary actions to keep watch going.

Routing for success

As I wrote above, there is no doubt that watch will have its fans. Nevertheless, I am surprised to see that watchmaker decided to change iconic design with such radical moves. Oval is not something watch fans would appreciate. Moreover, original design was born out of function, but here we see going into “niceties” for visual appeal. Would it work? Well, I hope that next Baselworld would bring us more impressive creations.

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