New BMW M3 – The Last One?

Today we are going to take a break from watches and talk about recent newcomer from BMW – M3. This model was announced some time ago and the main feature was the completely different design while compared with “simple” 3-Series. Well, now this performance car is here and available for order, so I decided to take a closer look. This will be more of impressions revision with detail shots of the car, because there are some cues which have to be shown closer.

So, first of all, grill… This part still makes die-hard fans go red and start arguing, but isn’t it good when something doesn’t leave any “neutral” opinions in the room? This is true love-hate feature of the new M3 and somehow it grows on me with time passing by. Now it doesn’t look that unusual, but be sure to choose any color other than black. Black just hides it and makes whole car look like blob.

Whole design is quite muscular and edgy, it reminds me of muscle cars in 60’s. Well, don’t expect big powerplant under the hood – newcomer features classic inline six with turbo. We saw this engine on X3M, so it is not something unusual either.

New BMW M3 is also notable for choice of standard colors. This time there are less boring choices and more bright ones, what is really great for such car. I hope finally we will see more green and yellow cars instead of tasteless full-black specs.

On the photo above you can see quite important thing – front grille still stands with negative angle to the air flow. Nice small touch which is notable once you look from the side.

Yes, I almost forgot to mention that Competition version is available right off the start, so you can get more horsepower after paying a bit more.

Another no-no in my list – black rims. Don’t even think about such ugly thing on this car.

Golden accents look nice with green color, plus you get to avoid stereotypical red calipers on your car.

Now both M3 and M4 are available, but the first one actually makes the whole design work together. Coupe still looks like Lexus with tuning kit from China, but sedan is a completely different story.

I have to say that performance-wise both are completely fine and sometimes exceed the necessary power needed at the moment. That’s why it is safe to say that M340 would be a nice cost-efficient choice for those who don’t go on track.

Don’t forget that new M3 still offers manual and RWD version. Such thing is even more terrifying on the road and you have to work with car in order to get a better response. Just like in good old times, huh?

Interior is also something what can be written as an advantage of M3.

Yes, M4 is spacious enough, but sedan offers extra doors which might come handy in some situations.

These are the “normal” seats, but you can order sport buckets which will be a bit more catchy in curves.

So, is it worth the price? Well, if you are aspiring racer who does trackdays and ready to work with car, then new M3 might be the last ticket on the petrolhead train. I am saying this because there is another interesting thing from BMW – i4M50 which is cheaper, more comfortable, cleaner and faster. It is also available for order and looks like another cost-efficient choice. Well, don’t forget about M340i – that car is also fast, especially on the streets, so you can get a bit more control and pay less for your car.

I like the new M3 even with such controversial design, but it looks like next generation won’t be running on the petrol, so it will be interesting how the famous model will turn into EV…

What do you think?

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