Ming 17.06 Slate – Catch it if You Can

Today we are going to talk about quite special brand. Frankly speaking I’ve learned about it recently and it’s strange that I didn’t notice it before. Nevertheless, this time we have a chance to check new Ming 17.06 Slate. Under such simple name you will find quite elegant watch. Just to make it clear, “Slate” here refers to color version. There was also Copper and Monolith, but they are not available anymore.
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Not Available

Once you visit Ming website it is hard not to wonder over “Sold Out” message on all models. Well, today’s watch is not an exclusion – it vanished from the web in several hours. I guess that’s one of the reasons why I decided to take a closer look at what 17.06 offers and what makes it so popular.


First of all take a look at photos of this watch. Here we are dealing with dark-colored version. It is great-looking watch which excels in one task – providing us with calm smooth design. There are no extra bits, no unnecessary cues. Only round UFO-like case with elegant lugs. Curve of the lugs deserves to be shot and printed as poster for your working room. Those are one of the best lugs on small watch I’ve seen!

Dial continues clean styling in form of simple layout. Note that dial ring and digits are “loaded” with SuperLuminova and present completely different view in the dark. It is surprising to see such change in this watch, but let’s mark it as one of the advantages. Another thing to marvel at – small clearance between handset and sapphire glass. Such design was implemented in order to minimize distortions. Main place is given to beautiful pattern in the middle of the dial. Somehow it looks in right place even though case doesn’t have anything like this.


Inside you will find ETA 2824-2 which was modified for this watch. I guess there is no need to tell you about this calibre. It is one fine movement which should be more than enough for everyday use. The only question I have is why there are no rear side photos?

Ming 17.06 Slate – How to Get It?

Well, here we can say only one thing – wait for the next release. It is truly amazing that new model sold out in few hours. From another side it show appreciation for great work done by Ming masters. There is a demand on the market, so I have no doubt that we will see next version in 2020. As for 17.06 – it is limited to 200 pieces only and sold for 1200 CHF. Sounds like a good purchase, so be ready for the next time new version will be announced. 😉

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