Meistersinger Blackline Review

Today’s article is dedicated not to one watch, but to whole line – Meistersinger Blackline. As you can guess from this name, all watches in this series are finished in black. Well, here it is a bit different from all other watches from this brand, so it was interesting to see novelties in person. I recommend you to watch video above in order to see new Circularis Blackline in details. Now let’s check what is different in the new series.
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Meistersinger watches are quite famous for their classic design. Yes, they feature only one hand and some interesting complications, but case always comes in strict style. Usually those are metal polished parts which are easy to scratch against something. In other words it makes you careful while wearing watch and maybe even moves timepiece to “dress watch” place. Should I say that such watches are not worn everyday? I guess this was the reason for introduction of the new Meistersinger Blackline, which completely reworks aesthetics of German watches. Instead of shiny surfaces, here you will get matte black cases. Just take a careful look at the photos and videos – it’s astonishing how this color changes overall perception of classic models from Meistersinger!

Meistersinger Circularis Blackline back side


Each model now can be bought in this version, and I have to admit that those watches look impressive. Matte black makes smooth curves of the case even more visible on your wrist, and reminds of some military equipment. This is DLC coating with sandblast finish, so it should be durable against scratches. In other words it will be safe to wear new models everyday. Moreover, manufacturer decided to let black color on the watch dial. Nevertheless, indexes and pointers are finished in contrasting colors – beige and red. I am happy that German watchmaker avoided joining this “full-black” madness which we see on the watch market recently. Even strap has special finish, which is new both in tactile and visual way. Yes, those are leather parts, and they are a bit stiff, but I am sure that they will be ok after several days of wear. Moreover, I just can’t imagine those watches with metal bracelets.

Meistersinger Blackline – When?

As far as I know, new watches should be already available for order. In my opinion, new line considerably increases market for Meistersinger watches and might even attract new customers. Just think about it – new matte black looks good, durable and noticeably changes perception of classic Circularis and other models. In other words, if you wanted to get that one-hand watch, but was afraid of shiny case, now you have a chance to get more robust edition.

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