MB&F LM2 Titanium

Today’s article will cover another creation from MB&F – LM2 Titanium. As usual, it’s named as Time Machine, and might be familiar for some of you, because this model was available before in the different material. This is a limited run, so if you want to get one – act fast.
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As it was mentioned, there will be limited amount of LM2 Titanium available, 18 pieces to be precise. New variation will feature grade 5 titanium, which should ensure lighter weight and more rigid structure. Nevertheless, manufacturer decided to add visual interest to this model and install bluish-green watchface. This unusual cover was achieved with help of CVD (chemical vapour deposition), the same technique as the one used on LM1 M.A.D. Dubai.

Changes don’t finish with the ones mentioned above, take a bit more careful look at the newcomer. As you might notice on the photos, two wheels are now secured with sleek rounded bridges, which are polished almost to mirror finish. Well, the same approach was applied to bezel, which is now shiny as well. I have no doubt that such surfaces will require careful wear in order to avoid scratches on this beauty.

Last change in the new LM2 Titanium, which is not that important in my opinion, is that thickness was reduced by 1mm. I guess, titanium qualities made it possible to have thinner casing without losing its strength. Movement inside was created by Mojon and Voutilainen, which might familiar for some of you. I think there is no need to mention that this movement not only looks excellent, but also employs some unusual ideas, which are truly worth this Time Machine. The only thing you should keep in mind – those watches will be on wrists (or in shelves?) of only 18 people. Think fast! 🙂

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