MB&F Destination Moon Clock Review on Baselworld 2017

Ok, this might not be the “hot off the oven” fresh model, but still it will be interesting to tell you more. We’ve had a chance to play with this new creation – MB&F Destination Moon. New model is another product of cooperation between L’Epee 1839 and famous Swiss watchmaker. Well, this is not a watch, because you won’t fit it onto your wrist. Let’s take a closer look.
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Fasten Your Belts

As I wrote above, there was a chance to check this watch clock in person on Baselworld 2017. Should I say that it was the first thing my eye caught in the room. On the photos you can notice that room was dark, and this creation was still shining bright! Well, there is nothing surprising, if you keep in mind that this model is 40 cm high.

Now that’s what I call true desk clock. MB&F Destination Moon features polished steel parts, so it be careful with your fingers – clock is an excellent fingerprint magnet. I should note that there will be four versions available. What’s difference? Take a look at engines-legs of this watch. Those can be finished in blue, green, black or silver. My advice is to get the blue or green to make it even more original. Black on silver sounds boring, right?

Careful eye might notice spaceman on the clock. He comes together with new creation and his name is Neil. You get the hint, right? In order to make sure that new owner won’t lose this guy, he is attached to clock with help of magnet. It would be a nice small toy to fiddle with when you are bored. Another hint on our childhood – middle parts, which are designed with perforations like on old metal kits.

MB&F Destination Moon Internals

This crazy clock was created in cooperation with L’Epee 1839, so it’s safe to say that you shouldn’t worry about possible problems. I wouldn’t talk a lot about movement here, because it has to be appreciated personally. This mechanism has power reserve for 8 days, and here we should look at how this new model is winded. I would call whole process as Procedure. First of all, author decided that energy will be supplied from bottom part – like on the real rocket. You would think ok, nothing special. Well, until you’ll see the part which does it! It’s a huge crown, which is called as “thruster”. I guess some people will regret that they won’t touch it more often. 🙂

Proper Accessory?

As other creations from MB&F, this one is crazy not only design-vise. First of all, don’t expect huge production run, there will be only 50 pieces for each color. Now, if you wanted to ask about price – just stop reading this article and go take a walk. This is not the case where buyer will be even thinking about tag. We all have our childhood dreams – own rocket might be one of those. Dreams are priceless, right? Well, the only thing I might advice here – don’t try to do “Swoosh!” with this beauty! 😀

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