This article will be dedicated to something different from what we saw in the previous articles. New watch is named as LE RÉGULATEUR LOUIS ERARD X SECONDE/SECONDE/ and comes as the result of collaboration between Swiss watchmaker and modern artist. Moreover, this is quite elegant and stylish work, so it deserves attention in my opinion. I would like to note that new model will be a limited production and there will be only 178 pieces produced. This is a small hint for you that it is better to hurry if you want to get one in your collection. Now let’s take a closer look together.
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Of course, dial here plays the main role in the whole composition. Nevertheless, it is really difficult to guess what is different here. Yes, there is a large blue line dividing dial into two halves, but that’s pretty much all. Ok, there is also “404 Error” writing on its right side, but would it surprise you? Well, it stays horizontal only when it is quarter to hour. Line literally breaks at any other moment and it looks…broken. 😀 In my opinion this is a really cool thing which will add a cool hidden trick on such elegant watch. As far as I understood, there will be two color versions of this dial, so you will definitely find something suitable for your style.

Note that designers decided to avoid visual clutter here. You get two dials in the center, but they are almost the same color and shade as the main dial color. Both hands are in contrasting color, yet so thin that it doesn’t “damage” the image. All this look like a great work done, and I can only admit that it looks classy and catchy at the same time.


Case comes in classic style, and you won’t find something unusual here. I like crown design, but it definitely requires some test in real life. We all know those parts which look good, but then it is difficult to adjust the time. Inside you will find Selita movement with 38 power reserve.


Another nice small touch comes in form of price tag which equals to two thousand and…404 franks. Haha, I know it is a bit geeky, but still funny to see such thing in the classic watch. Moreover, I am glad that some Swiss brands are eager to get a touch of modern art in their classic designs. Price is quite reasonable for such limited edition, so I have no doubt that it will be sold out quickly.

The only question is what we will see next from this Swiss brand? 🙂

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