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Laco Replika Original Flieger-Beobachtungsuhr Review

Review with big Laco Flieger


Straightaway I can say that I am big fan of aviation and all things connected with it. Fliegers are one of those. Famous watches of German pilots look simple and elegant like a tool designed only for one purpose – measure time, without extra “bling”. Fans with deeper knowledge might know that the main manufacturer of those watches was Laco, which exists today. Moreover, they produce replicas of those pilot’s timepieces, and I’ve had a chance to check it.
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Large piece of metal – that’s the right words for what you will get when order this replica. Real watch was 55mm big, so don’t expect it to fit perfectly on your wrist. Moreover, this is definitely not a dress watch unless you are Dwayne Johnson, who can make them look small. Such watch was designed to be worn over the sleeve, so you will have different options on how to use them.


As for the size, here it is an advantage, distinguishing feature, which should be valued and appreciated. Of course, it also means bigger watchface, which is easier to see and read. All marks are covered with Superluminova C3 lume and should be visible in dark. Note that inside there is manual-winding mechanism ETA 6497.1, which keeps watch on authentic level. Each hand has nice blue outline that gives them elegant look.


Of course, this beauty is covered with sapphire glass, which is looks perfect in this size. Moreover, shape is slightly domed, not plain, such feature adds visual interest to the watch. It’s practical choice – material is scratch-resistant, what is even more important in such big size.

Winding crown is finished in strict style, it’s a large knob, which should be easy to manipulate even in gloves. Some of you might know that manufacturer calls it onion-shaped. Note that whole case is finished in dark grey color, such choice makes flieger look even more impressive in person. On the side you will find serial number, which is engraved with laser on each timepiece.

Separate word should be said about strap, which is equally impressive. This is really tender leather type, which should flex over your wrist without any complications. Clasp is finished in such way, so that you won’t have it accidentally open somewhere. If you close, it stays dead tight. Of course, nobody stops you from replacing it with alternative.

This watch is a perfect replica of the original Laco timepiece, which was issued to Luftwaffe pilots. It is possible to buy it, and of course it’s not cheap, but price will be reasonable once you try them on your hand.

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