Kuru Comicbook Interview with Brian Flint

This article is dedicated to the new comicbook – Kuru, which will tell you quite unusual story. Yes, from now on we will also cover comicbooks, and I hope that some of you will like it. Today I want to share interview with Brian Flint, who is creator of comicbook story about killer chimpanzees. Why those? Well, the visual style and overall idea seem to be fresh and offer different view on comicbook storytelling. Moreover, it’s possible to have your own copy and support creation process on Kickstarter! I’ve contributed already and hope that some of you will do that too. It’s always nice to read and have something unusual in your library, right? Now let’s jump to our interview and see what we can find out about this new book. 🙂

First let’s talk a bit about yourself. 🙂

When did you start drawing comics?
About 8 years ago. I wanted to be a film maker for most of my life,but that takes having money, friends and not suffering from crippling social anxiety. So I started making comics as a way to tell stories. I ended up falling in love with the medium and what it had to offer that film did not.
Who do you consider as the main influencer for your art?
When I started I was 100% influenced by Mike Mignola. Now I’m all over the damn place. Alex Toth, Sean Murphy, Nathan Fox, Rafael Albuquerque, Jack Kirby, Kames Harrenband manga artists like Junji Ito, Goseki Kojima and Yusuke Murata
What is your favorite comicbook series?
Right now it’s Rumble by John Arcudi and James Harren. Fear Agent, Transmetropolitan and Akira are my all time favorites
Do you work only in digital format? Why?
I do work entirely digital. At first it was a cost saving measure. I was broke when I started and buying comic boards seemed out of my price range. So I saved up and bought a tiny Wacom bamboo tablet. I got my drawing software through morally questionable means.

Now let’s turn our attention to Kuru comicbook.

First of all, what was the reason to dedicate whole comic book to chimpanzees?
Well, the main story has the chimpires in it. There’s a couple short comics that are separate stories. But the inspiration came from my real fear of Chimpanzees. They freak me out! I’m incredibly interested in them and love learning about them. But you’ll never catch me near one. They can hurt you so much and so fast. They’ll bite your fingers off, blind you and possibly rip your dick off! No thank you.
From story sample I understood that storyline will be focused on humans and told from their point of view, right? What influenced such decision?
I guess that if I told the story from the apes point of view it would give away too much about how they work and they wouldn’t be as scary as if you learned about them throughout the story
Do you plan to stay in B-W style?
I’m not sure. I’m a big fan of color in comics as a storytelling tool but I’m most comfortable working in black and white.
Whole book is created in digital format?
Yeah. It’s just how I learned to make comics.
If it will be in color, would it be the same bright style as on the main pic on kickstarter?
That’s just my style of coloring. I’m​ not 100% that I’d be the right guy for the job if I did decided to go color.
Whole story will be fit into this Vol.1 or we can expect more?
There will absolutely be more KURU books. This book will have the entire Neanderthal story. That doesn’t mean those characters won’t  show up again in future stories, though.
What about surprises? Do you plan to “drop the bomb” in the main story?
I don’t want to give anything away but you do learn more about how the Chimpanzees work and why they do what they do. Some of the shorter side comics have “twistier” endings.
I see on sample pages that comic will be full of uncensored fights and gore, what convinced you to choose such style?
My love of horror movies and comics mostly. And decades of pent up rage just bubbling beneath the surface.
Those unrelated vignettes will be similar to kickstarter introduction? 
Somewhat, yeah. The kickstarter comic breaks the 4th wall right away, the other ones are more traditional stories in that sense.
Is there any possibility to get onto pages of your comicbooks?
Not in this book. Maybe I should have made that a reward tier for the kickstarter. Next book maybe. I’m not above compromising​ my artistic vision for monetary gain or a free sandwich.
When can we expect vol.2 if the first one will be fully funded?
As soon as I possibly can make it. This book took a year because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to make. Working on KURU#1 really helped me solidify my idea about what I wanted to make.
Deadline for funding is 1st of June, first mark is 2500$, right?
May 31st at 6pm EST is the exact deadline. We’re in the final stretch!
This art of being ripped by chimpanzees, it will be also digital, or we can expect printout with creators’ signatures?
Yeah! I’m going to draw them digitally but have them printed on nice cardstock and then I’ll sign the print.

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