Junghans Max Bill Quartz Review

Today we are going to do a quick review about Junghans Max Bill Quartz in a beautiful light-colored version. This watch comes in sleek Bauhaus styling and it turns newcomer into a good choice for somebody who searches for everyday timepiece. There are several versions available, but today we will talk about light dial Max Bill with grey strap. As usual, I recommend to watch video-review below, where I show a bit more of this watch.
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So, this a Bauhaus watch, and one can guess that dial will be as simple as it gets. Well, no wonder that we get a clean and elegant styling here. Digits are applied in black color over white background, so legibility is just perfect. Handset is standard – there are three of them. Even though these parts are relatively thin, they are still easy to find on the dial.

I have to note that dial looks clean also thanks to lack of additional writings. You will find there only Junghans logo which is not that big. All other texts are placed on the caseback and this is a right decision in my opinion. Note that date window is still here. I know some watch fans don’t like this element, but German watchmaker managed to do it in the cleanest way, so it doesn’t jump out.

Whole dial is covered with mineral glass which looks sleek and matches the overall mood. Nevertheless, it is interesting that you can actually order a version with sapphire glass. Of course, it will cost extra, but still nice to see such thing offered out of the factory.


Here we have start with the most notable thing in the watch – thickness. It equals to mere 7.9mm and in dark color whole case look impressively thin. Note that weight is also surprisingly small – only 37g, so it is barely noticeable on your wrist. Well, we will talk about it a bit later. Don’t forget that dial size is also not that big, so overall Junghans Max Bill looks like a compact timepiece ready to be used everyday.

Note that lugs are fixed “under” the main disc of the dial and it also helps to create a sleek look. You can see this on wristhots with the watch.

Crown on the right side might look small, but it is actually easy to handle. There are two positions because we also have date indication. Interesting thing is that part itself is completely “clean”, and you won’t find any engraving on it. This design is maintained throughout whole watch, so you there are no unnecessary things which will complicate the lines.


Inside you will find quartz movement J645.33 which is based on ETA calibre. As you remember, date function is here, so you get all necessary functions in one sleek case. Rear cover is metal and features Max Bill signature. It is fixed on four screws and looks just right on this watch.

Note that seconds hand is perfectly aligned with indices, and this is something you don’t see in some more expensive quartz watches. Moreover, movement itself is quite silent.


Max Bill comes with leather strap in light color. It is quite soft and easy to wear. Buckle is finished in the same color as the case. Strap width equals to 20mm, standard sizing, so you won’t have a problem to find a replacement if you need one. In my opinion this watch might work nicely with some light-colored NATO strap.

In Use

Here I should mention first the main advantage of this watch – its size. Small and thin case makes it easy to wear Junghans Max Bill everyday, and it might be suitable even for the thin wrists. In my opinion this something to admire today when other brands try to get bigger and bigger watches on the market.

Moreover, clean dial is easy to read, so I don’t think you will have any issues here. I didn’t wear this watch for a time long enough in order to see how it endures the damages, but during my test it didn’t get any scuffs or marks. Who knows, maybe this dark case is a good thing which will keep watch appearance intact.

Here it is worth noting the glass options – don’t be lazy and order watch with sapphire glass for extra durability. Bulged part might catch some bumps, so it is better to be safe. Strap is fine, but as I said above, Max Bill can also work with some textile aftermarket option.

Junghans Max Bill – Price and Availability

New watch should be already available for purchase for approximately 600EUR. Yes, price might look surprising, but for this amount you will get a sleek styling which is easy to wear. Some people value such things, so I am sure that new watch will find its customer. Moreover, I am sure that dial design won’t get old and this watch can even take a main role in everyday use. 🙂

Thank you for joining me today and don’t forget to write your opinion in the comments.

See you soon and bye!

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