HTC Vive Pro comes in April

I won’t say that my VR experience convinced me that this is the future, but it is interesting to see development in this area. Today we will talk about HTC Vive Pro – new model, which will offer better picture quality. Well, in other words it will help creators provide more immersive experience while using this headset. Moreover, there are several interesting things worth to know before purchase.
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Total Revamp

Even though some sources name this model as upgrade, I would name it as proper new generation of the famous VR headset. Yes, design might look similar, but there are several crucial upgrades, which should improve VR immersion.

HTC Vive Pro Front

First of all buyers will get better screens. Fresh version packs two 3,5″ AMOLED panels with 1440×1600 resolution for each. Well, it is not difficult to combine them together and understand that this time we will have “smoother” picture, which should look more convincing. I wouldn’t name this is something we needed, because there is still space for improvement. Nevertheless, it should be interesting to check HTC Vive Pro with some new game or video. Just for note, manufacturer claims that increase in resolution brings more than 70% increase in pixels count!

HTC Vive Pro Side

Second important feature in my opinion – integrated headphones and microphone. As you remember, original version didn’t have such parts. You had to use extra headphones and combine them somehow with you VR helmet. Well, now buyers will get more streamlined experience. HTC Vive Pro comes with integrated headphones and mic, which are tuned to provide 3D sound. For some it will mean that they should forget about their favorite headphones. Now you will be limited only to the HTC ones.

 HTC Vive Pro – Price?

The main thing is price. Here it will be set at 799 USD. It might look like reasonable level, but keep in mind one thing. Package will include only headset and cables. All controllers should be bought separately. In other words, if you don’t have previous “basic” model, you should expect higher price. As for the “simple” Vive, manufacturer will reduce price to 499 USD, what might bring more people to VR genre. Let’s hope that it will kickstart industry and we will see new games and movies for those headsets…

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